Consider Packaging and Equipment Together when Launching a New Product

Consider Packaging and Equipment Together When Launching a New Product

One exciting part of launching a new product is introducing that product to potential customers.  A unique, creative and eye-catching package can be almost as important as the product itself.  This is true because the package is the easiest, and occasionally the only, way to introduce a product to consumers.  And it's not just the package.  Consumers today are looking for convenience, ease of use, simple opening and the ability to re-seal, among other things.

So while the bottle and label are important to speak to the consumers, the cap or other seal holds some weight as well!  Hard to open packages can be frustrating, while loosely secured caps may lead to safety and security concerns.  Packages that are not easily resealed can lead to excessive waste while those with awkward openings can lead to spills or splashes.  In other words, there is more to consider than just the aesthetic appeal when choosing a package and seal.  And the analysis even goes beyond look and customer preference too.

While unique packages and closures can increase the appeal for a product, they can increase the cost as well!  Keep in mind that every finished product will have a cost of production.  That cost will include the time and energy spent filling, capping, labeling and otherwise preparing the product as well as the cost of the actual bottle and closure.  Additionally, unique bottles and closures can sometimes require unique packaging machinery to meet production demands, which adds more pennies to the per piece cost.

Filling machines can be manufactured to handle just about any product and package, but costs rise as unique characteristics require R&D and custom solutions.  This is not to say that a unique package should not be used, but only that the increased per piece cost should be considered.  For new products that are trying to break into the market, a higher per piece cost can destroy a company before the product has the opportunity to saturate the market.  For any product, the benefit of unique packaging must be weighed against the added cost.  The same is true of capping machinery and other packaging equipment.  While unique closures may increase user efficiency or make resealing easier, custom capping machines can again increase the per piece cost and make turning a profit on the product more difficult.  Just like with the packages, this is not to say that unique closures should not be used, but rather that the cost of custom capping machines must be taken into consideration.

So while picking a package should be a fun and creative portion of launching a new or a revised product, packagers should always ensure that the process goes a little deeper than just the eye-catching potential of the bottle or container.  Weighing all of the potential factors mentioned above should help to find a package to create the marketing presence desired without adding the burden of extensive extra costs.  And understanding the costs associated with any packaging project is the first, and necessary, step to making that project a success.