Contract Packaging Versus Self-packaging

Contract Packaging Versus Self-Packaging

Every now and then, Liquid Packaging Solutions will receive a phone call from a company looking for a contract packager.  For those of you unfamiliar with contract packaging, it is simply a company that packages other people's products.  Contract packagers may be used in place of an in house packaging line for a number of different reasons.
A start up company may use a contract packager simply because they feel they do not have the space or the money for a packaging line.  While this may be true, many first time packagers are simply not informed of their packaging machine options.  For start up companies, tabletop packaging equipment can often be an affordable and efficient manner of packaging product.  From manual and semi-automatic rinsing machines to tabletop liquid fillers and capping equipment, these packaging machines take up little space and many are not only affordable, but upgradeable as well.  
Other companies package a wide variety of products, in turn believing that a wide variety of packaging machinery would be necessary to package 100% of the goods.  While this may be close to the truth in some situations, certain automatic packaging machinery can handle a variety of products.  Pump filling machines and piston fillers, for example, may be able to handle thin and thick products alike.  Power conveyors can be adjusted to handle different container sizes.  Even capping equipment, such as the spindle and snap combination capper, can be manufactured to handle a vast array of caps.  In addition, custom packaging machines can always be manufactured for a specific range of products.  
Larger companies who have their own packaging system may even occasionally use a contract packager.  Larger companies may send product out to be packaged when doing a special project, such as holiday packaging, that cannot be run on existing packaging machines or will interfere with normal production runs.  Again, depending on the size of the run, purchasing semi-automatic or even tabletop packaging equipment for short or special run projects is always an option.
Finally, some producers of a product simply do not want the headache of having to package thousands of products every day, week or month.  Contract packaging allows the product to be produced and puts the burden of completing the packaging with someone else.  While Liquid Packaging Solutions is not a contract packager, we do take great care in planning and manufacturing packaging equipment for our customers.  We will work with each client's product or products prior to manufacturing to ensure that our container cleaning equipment, liquid fillers, capping machines, power conveyors and other packaging equipment is built to serve the unique needs of each client.  In addition, we offer factory acceptance testing, installation, training and a fully stocked parts room.  
Whether you are a new packager or weathered veteran of the packaging industry, we invite you to learn more about the packaging equipment manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions.  Call our representatives toll free today at 1-888-393-3693.