Convenience In Packaging Can Be a Motivating Factor When Purchasing

Packagers often attempt to use unique bottles, containers, closures or other components to bring attention to the products - to make them stand out from the competition. In today's world, however, the convenience of the package used for any product is arguably as, or more, important than the eye-catching ability of the product.

In a world on the go, packagers should keep in mind that their product will also often be on the go. Convenience in the packaging world can mean many different things, and of course, the target consumer must be kept in mind when choosing the package or packages for any given product. For people on the go, easy to carry products, such as single serving bottles of a beverage, may define convenience. Food or snacks in resealable containers are also convenient for those eating on the run. Many products today are available in single serving, resealable and easily carriable packaging to meet these specific needs, so that often the shape and size of the packaging will be a motivating factor when it comes to making a choice between products.

However, shape and size are not the only factors contributing to convenience. Many people in today's world are conscious of product ingredients, looking for healthy alternatives even when time may restrict the at-home preparation of such meals. Convenience for many consumers may also include a label that specifically sets out the ingredients and benefits of a given product. Examples of this can be seen in labels with "fat free", "gluten free" and "low sodium" as well as simple and straight forward ingredient lists, which of course are often required. Some consumers may even consider multiple flavors of a single product to be convenient when combined with the ease of use and serving size, providing different options on a daily basis.

Of course, not all consumers are on the go! For those shopping for larger gatherings or family meals, convenience may be at the exact opposite spectrum of the single servings mentioned above. Family size food packs, large bottles of laundry detergent or bundled beverages may be convenient for mothers or fathers shopping for a larger family. Keep in mind, that even these products tend to incorporate other convenience factors, such as handles for carrying, easy open containers or even pouring spouts depending on the product. Again, packagers must keep the target consumer in mind when preparing the products.

Of course, many packagers prepare their products for both consumers seeking single servings and those looking for family size packaging. Consumer convenience, though it may mean something different to different consumers, must be taken in to account when choosing the bottles, caps, labels and other components of a package. This is one simple reason that Liquid Packaging Solutions manufactures packaging machinery to handle both large and small containers in a variety of shapes and sizes. We understand that one container will seldom be convenient to each and every potential consumer and that convenience can change as the target consumer changes.