Conveyor Add-Ons to Make Packaging Easier

Conveyor systems for automatic packaging systems efficiently transfer bottles from one machine to another, allowing multiple packaging tasks such as rinsing, filling and capping to take place without constant operator interaction. However, some projects require a little more than just the bottle movement. Certain components added to a conveyor system can help packagers achieve special needs on the packaging line.

Bottle Orienter

Bottle orienters can be used with conveyor systems to ensure that bottles are correctly aligned for certain packaging tasks. For example, an oddly shaped container with an off-center opening can lead to difficulty when filling. If bottles are not entering the filling machine in the same direction, fill heads will not line up with the bottle opening, resulting in some big messes on the packaging line. Orienter are used to turn the bottles in a specific direction or alignment. In the above example, the orienter would be used to properly align bottles so all of the off-center openings are located to one side as they enter the filler, ensuring that the fill heads fill the bottles and do not release product over a misaligned container.

Bottle Separator

Bottle separators can be added to a conveyor system to allow for space between bottles on a conveyor system. These machines can be manufactured using a separator wheel or belts to accommodate not only many different bottles but many different tasks as well. One common use of a bottle separator is to create space between bottles as they enter a labeling machine. This relieves back pressure as the bottles move through the labeler and helps to prevent misapplied labels or labels that may catch more than one bottle. Separators may also be used to move containers across dead plates on conveyor systems or to create space for manual packing stations when manually packing products for shipment.

Reject Station

Reject stations along a power conveyor system allow packagers to use sensors or other means to identify products that have not been properly packaged. For example, a sensor may be used to identify bottles that are missing a cap or are improperly aligned for the upcoming packaging task. These stations identify the unwanted bottles and remove them from the main conveyor, allowing properly aligned and packaged containers to continue through the process.

While conveyor systems are used to move containers from one machine to another, through the use of different components, they can also help provide added efficiency to the system by controlling the flow of product and removing unwanted containers from a line. To learn more about any of the packaging tasks mentioned above, browse the Liquid Packaging Solutions website or call LPS to speak with a Packaging Specialist about your own project today.