Corrosion Resistant Filling Machines

A typical filling machine will be manufactured using a stainless steel frame and many stainless steel components such as drip trays, nozzles, clamps and more. These machines can be built to handle a wide range of liquid products, from beverages to soap and shampoo, cleaners, oils and more. But what happens when those products that react poorly with stainless steel need to be packaged? In these cases, Liquid Packaging Solutions will manufacture corrosion resistant liquid fillers using HDPE products in place of the stainless steel.


Obviously, the useful life of the filling machine will not be ideal when the product being filled eats away at the material from which the machine is built. Stainless steel filling machines would suffer dramatically when acids, bleaches and other corrosive products were run through stainless steel manifolds, plumbing or nozzles. In addition, spills, splashes and drips may also be an issue when working with these liquids. The solution is to simply fabricate the frame from HDPE rather than stainless steel and replace the stainless steel components with materials that will not corrode when coming in contact with these harsh chemicals. This is especially important when dealing with the product pathway, from the tank, through the tubes and manifold, into the nozzles and, finally, into the waiting bottles.


Just like any other filling machine, corrosion resistant fillers can use a variety of filling principles. These principles, just like those found on non-corrosion resistant filling machines, can be used to fill bottles or other containers be level, volume, net weight and more. The principle used will depend in part on the product and the desire of the individual packager. The special nozzles of an overflow filler can be manufactured to be corrosion resistant, or a corrosion resistant pump can be used to push product into containers. Generally speaking, almost any component found or principle used on a standard filler can also be built into a corrosion resistant filling machine.


Corrosion resistant filling machines can be manufactured for just about any production level. Tabletop machines allow for a solution for lower production facilities or special, shorter product runs. These machines work semi-automatically to increase efficiency without eating up production space, using, as the name suggests, only a tabletop for the filling process. Full frame semi-automatic machines can also be built for those that plan to upgrade to a fully automatic system in the future. And finally, completely automated corrosion resistant filling machines can be built as a part of a complete packaging system or to roll up to a conveyor on an existing automatic line. LPS also manufactures corrosion resistant turntables, power conveyors and other packaging equipment as well.

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