Craft Distilling and Packaging Equipment

Procuring packaging equipment for a craft distillery is not always the number one priority for new distillers. Starting up can consist of loads of paperwork and trying to understand government restrictions and regulations at local and national levels. Not to mention finding the ideal space and perfecting the product itself! But when the time comes to think about packaging machinery, Liquid Packaging Solutions tires to make the process as simple and stress-free as possible by offering craft distillers a number of different choices and modifying each system to meet the distillers' unique needs.

Tabletop Packaging Systems for Distillers

Many craft distillers start off with limited space, at least for packaging the product. Even with limited or restricted production space, packaging equipment can be used to add efficiency and reliability to the production phase of packaging. Liquid fillers, capping machines and even labelers can be manufactured to work on a tabletop to allow for consistent and repeatable performance. Of course, these machines will work in a semi-automatic fashion, meaning manual labor will still be necessary to fill, cap and label bottles. But in addition to adding speed to the process, bottles will be filled by volume or level consistently, caps or corks will seal reliably, without loose or overtightening, and labels will be applied wrinkle-free and in a consistent manner. While tabletop equipment will have a top limit to production speed, it still has many benefits to hand packaging product.

Semi-Automatic Packaging Systems for Distillers

In addition to tabletop machinery, LPS also offers full-frame semi-automatic and stand alone semi-automatic packaging machinery. Some of this equipment, such as rinsing machinery, can be used along with tabletop equipment. These machines also require some manual labor, but can expand the capacity of production by adding additional rinse heads, fill nozzles or other components. For example, where a tabletop filling machine may be upgraded to six fill heads, a semi-automatic machine on a full frame may go up to sixteen fill heads. As an additional benefit, many semi-automatic machines may be upgraded to fully automatic equipment if production demand increases!

Automatic Packaging Systems for Distillers

Finally, fully automatic packaging equipment for distilled spirits will remove the need for manual labor to interact with the equipment with every cycle. Instead, equipment will be set up before production begins with adjustments based on the bottle and product to be run. Once set up, power conveyors will move bottles from rinsing to filling, capping and labeling, also including other packaging tasks unique to the individual project. Typically, an operator or operators will still be used to monitor the machinery and add bulk components, such as loading bottles on to the system or adding caps to the delivery system, however, as noted above, tasks will not need to be completed with each rinse, fill or cap cycle. Automatic machinery will usually greatly increase the output of finished product when compared to a semi-automatic set up.

Of course, these are not the only systems available to distillers. Many distillers may use a combination of semi-automatic and automatic equipment to achieve their production goals. When unique containers, caps or products are involved, custom packaging equipment may also be manufactured to fit the specific needs of the project. To learn more about the different equipment available to assist distillers in preparing product, contact an LPS Packaging Specialist Toll-Free at 1-888-393-3693.