Demand for Packaging Machinery Projected to Grow Through 2017

Demand for Packaging Machinery Projected to Grow Through 2017

Demand for filling machines, capping machines, labeling equipment and other packaging machinery currently puts the industry at approximately 33.4 billion dollars globally.  Though a massive amount, this demand is only expected to grow through at least the year 2017, according to a new study by The Freedonia Group.

The study projects that food packagers will continue to be the sector that demands more packaging machinery than any other.  However, the largest percentage growth in demand lies in chemical products, pharmaceuticals and personal care products.  At least some of this growth comes from the fact that new regulations and laws require more stringent packaging processes in some sectors, specifically recent laws regarding the packaging of medicines and other pharmaceutical products.  

Labeling machines are expected to lead the way in growth of demand for specific machine types.  Again, part of this can likely be attributed to new regulations in certain industries as well as a trend toward safety and security in which product labeling will play a part.  Filling machines, and specifically form, fill and seal equipment, is expected to remain the most popular piece of packaging equipment through to 2017.  All other products - wrapping, bundling, packing, sealing, etc. - will also see growth in the next three to four years.

On a local level, LPS has seen more of a demand for filling machines and other equipment from local businesses.  Distilleries are moving from the Kentucky and Tennessee area and expanding across the United States, with smaller distillers with a local flavor taking hold.  E-cigarettes are growing quickly and a flood of packagers are using liquid fillers, plugging machines and capping equipment to get juice in various flavors out to customers.  In addition to these emerging markets, we have seen an increase in personal care products and household items, while continuing to serve the Food and Beverage Market, Pharmaceuticals and Chemical Industries as well.

Though LPS serves mostly liquid products, we do see a share of the food packaging referred to by the study.  We continue to see growth on a regional level as well and expect an increase in chemical, beverage and personal care over the next three to four years.  One of the exciting parts of providing packaging equipment across all industries and to customers around the world though, is that there is always something new just around the corner.  We look forward not only to continuing to serve our loyal customers over the next four years, but to taking on projects for new packagers, in markets established and emerging.    

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