Distillery Packaging Equipment Remains Popular Into 2021

The boom of craft distilleries in the recent past may have reached a peak prior to 2021, but the market continues to welcome new and unique spirits every year! In 2020, Liquid Packaging Solutions even worked with some distillers to changeover products from spirits to hand sanitizer in order to assist in fighting the pandemic. As 2021 hopefully puts the world on a path to recovery, LPS fully expects the industry to remain strong and offer even more distinctive beverages to the consuming public.

Of course, many craft distillers start on a small scale, serving a local or regional area. At LPS, packaging equipment for craft distillers starts as simple as tabletop machinery that allows for more efficient and reliable packaging, letting new distillers focus on other business priorities. Tabletop equipment may include machinery to help with rinsing, filling, corking, labeling or otherwise preparing bottles. The machinery works with 375ml, 750ml and even unique bottle sizes.

A step up from tabletop machinery, full-frame semi-automatic machinery offers a second semi-automatic option for distillers with slightly larger production demand. While still requiring an operator to place bottles and corks and start each cycle, full-frame semi-automatic machinery allows for additional rinse and fill heads while remaining reliable and consistent. The equipment also has the ability to be upgraded in the future to run automatically, letting the machines grow with the distillery.

Fully automatic lines for distillers generally remove the need for the operator to be involved with each and every cycle. Using a power conveyor system, bottles can be moved from rinsing to filling, corking, labeling and more automatically. Operators may need to load and unload bottles from the line, while also providing bulk components, such as corks, from time to time, but once the line starts production, bottles can be prepared for the shelf at significantly higher speeds than with semi-automatic options.

In some cases, distillers may combine automatic and semi-automatic machinery, and the best option for any distiller will depend on what they want to accomplish as well as the bottles, seals and other components used on any project. LPS is always available to talk about projects and help new and seasoned distillers find the best solution for their own spirits.