Early Consultation With Manufacturers Eliminates Surprises

When creating a new product, or when experiencing a boost in the demand for a product, the packaging machinery necessary to prepare the products or meet the demand may not be the first thing that comes to a packagers mind. Yet understanding the equipment necessary to handle products and demand can save both time and money in the future.

At Liquid Packaging Solutions, our Packaging Specialists are always available to discuss new projects, upgrades for growing demand or equipment for new or unique packages. Not only does such a discussion help LPS to understand what equipment might be necessary for any given project, but it often allows the packager to learn about different packaging options and, on occasion, make informed decisions about their own project.

For example, there are several ways to fill product using semi-automatic or automatic equipment. Some products may be filled by volume, while others will be filled by weight or even to a specific level in a container. Furthermore, both semi-automatic and automatic filling machines can usually be upgraded with additional heads to allow machines to grow with the company. Discussing the product and the requirements for filling will ensure that the correct principle will be used for the project and the right number of fill heads will be placed on the machine to meet demand.

Different closures can offer different levels of tamper evidence and other protection for products and bottles. Capping machines are manufactured to handle specific types of closures. Understanding the differences between the possible types of closures that can be used for a container and the machines that will be used for those closures can help a packager make an informed decision on a practical, cost-efficient solution for sealing containers.

Regardless of the equipment desired or required, understanding the different options and how the equipment works allows a company to make informed decisions from the selection of the bottles, caps and other components all the way to the layout of the packaging equipment on the production floor. For questions on any of the equipment, or to discuss the different options with a Packaging Specialist at LPS, call 1-219-393-3600 today.