Economics Always Part of Finding the Perfect Packaging Solution

After discussing the product, package and space of any packaging project, potential packagers will usually be ready to get a quote for their machinery. It goes without saying that budget will always play a part in choosing a solution, as evidenced by, among other things, the Quote Request links found on each product page. Of course, a packaging system only makes sense if it is efficient financially as well as for production.  At Liquid Packaging Solutions, efficient packaging systems exist for nearly any budget.

The Packaging Specialists at LPS will often employ multiple quotations to help potential packagers understand the options that are available as well as the cost of the different options. A new packager with little experience with machinery may be offered a quote for a simple packaging system as well as a high end, all option, fully automated system to start the process. These quotes will be presented with the understanding that numerous other systems are available in between the two extremes and will provide a starting point for the system that will work the best in any given situation.

For example, one quote may include two turntables and a filling machine, providing a simple way to get product into the bottles and collect the finished product at the end. At the same time, a second quote may include power conveyors, a bottle unscrambler, inverting air rinsing machine, bottle filler, capping machine, automatic labeling machine, coding equipment, automatic case packer and a palletizer. Each quote will give the packager an idea of the financial investment necessary for both types of packaging solutions, one dependant on manual labor and one fully automated.

From here, a packager may decide to automate certain aspects of the packaging system while leaving others to manual labor. Or semi-automatic equipment may be used for filling, capping and labeling to reduce labor somewhat but reduce the cost. Packagers may also purchase semi-automatic models that can be upgraded to automatic operation in the future as demand requires and budget allows. While this process may result in a number of packaging system quotes, it is one of the tools that allow for LPS Packaging Specialists to custom tailor systems to the needs of the individual packager.

To learn more about LPS packaging equipment or to receive a quote for machinery, simply use the Quick Connect or Quote Request links found on the LPS website, or contact a Packaging Specialist directly at 1-888-393-3693 today.