Employee Turnover and Packaging Machinery Training

One of many services Liquid Packaging Solutions provides, in addition to manufacturing packaging equipment, is training the packagers employees on how to best operate the machinery to ensure efficient production over the life of the rinser, filler, capper or any combination of these and other machines. Training will usually coincide with installation of the equipment to ensure that the packaging line both set up and run correctly. But what happens when the employees of the packager retire, switch jobs or leave the company for other reasons?

First, LPS always suggests that more than one employee take advantage of the training offered by technicians. Even if someone will not run the equipment on a daily basis, the more knowledge taken in by those that will interact with the packaging line the better.

LPS manufactures packaging machinery to be simple to use, with quick and easy physical adjustments and touchscreen interfaces for simple changeover of bottles where necessary or desired. Still, for someone unfamiliar with the equipment, the controls on automatic machinery can seem daunting without the proper training. With more than one employee trained, the knowledge can often be passed on to new employees or operators of the machine or line.

Even with simple adjustments and controls, situations may arise that leave a packager without anyone with the right knowledge to efficiently run equipment. Sometimes this is from employee turnover, but it could also result from new products, bottles or other unique components. In these rare situations, LPS offers additional training through several different channels.

LPS Packaging Specialists are available by phone for simple adjustments or refreshers that may not require hands on training. Zoom or other remote video training may also be available in certain situations where a technician may need to see new components and can assist in adjustments or set up for bottles, caps or other items. Finally, for big changes or hands on re-training, technicians can visit the plant and spend the necessary time to ensure the operators are once again educated on the efficient operation of the machinery.

In addition to training, LPS also offers parts and technical assistance for similar issues over the phone. For technical questions or more information on re-training on packaging machinery, contact the LPS Parts and Service Department at 1-219-393-3600 x 310.