Extension of Holiday Specials!

With the calls coming in at the end of the year regarding our packaging machinery specials, Liquid Packaging Solutions has opted to continue the Holiday Specials through the first month of 2009!

You can virtually build a packaging system with our January specials! Start with conveyors and turntables to lay out the foundation of your packaging system. Include an automatic bottle wet rinser to clean containers prior to filling, capping and labeling!

Our specials also include the automatic overflow filler and the automatic spindle capper for quick and efficient filling and capping of a wide variety of products and containers.

The pressure sensitive labeler allows for front/back, side panel or full wrap label applications. This labeling machine has a "self-teach" function that allows for quick and easy changeover between bottles!

Finally, the automatic pallet wrapper automatically clamps, cuts and wipes the film at the end of the cycle, making the final preparation of your product simple!

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