Filling Machines for Cleaning Products and Chemicals

Filling cleaners and chemicals can be achieved in many different ways, depending on the specific product being prepared by a packager. For many household cleaners, stainless steel filling equipment will work just fine, allowing a packager to fill to a level, by volume or with some other principle. However, industrial cleaners and harsh chemicals can present a unique challenge when the products being filled react negatively with stainless steel.

A negative reaction occurs when chemicals or cleaners are corrosive in nature. Though stainless steel is known for being corrosion-resistant, even this material has its limits. Bleaches and harsh chemicals such as hydrochloric acid will cause stainless steel filling equipment to break down over time, reducing the useful life of the packaging machinery. Still, these products need to be packaged and prepared for those that use them, which creates a unique challenge for packaging machinery manufacturers like Liquid Packaging Solutions.

When faced with a project that requires the filling of chemicals which will cause undue stress on typical, stainless steel filling machines, LPS simply changes the construction material of the filler. Bleach, acid and other harsh chemicals can be filled and prepared for the end user with a machine constructed of HDPE rather than using the stainless steel frame and components. HDPE construction tolerates the contact with these chemicals much better than the stainless steel to extend the useful life of the equipment while providing the same consistency, reliability and efficiency as the stainless filling machine.

HDPE filling machines can use the same principles as stainless machinery, meaning that the HDPE machine can be built to suit the needs of just about any packager. While typically it is just the filling machine that will be manufactured using HDPE, other equipment can be custom manufactured using this alternative material as well. This might be done for capping machines or even a complete conveyor systems, for example, in a situation where the environment itself may be corrosive due to the fumes of the products or other factors.

While packaging harsh cleaners and chemicals may present unique challenges, Liquid Packaging Solutions has handled many different industry products over the years. Packaging Specialists are always available at LPS to discuss projects and options and assist in finding the best solution for any given filling project.