Filling Machines for Corrosive Products

Filling Machines for Corrosive Products

The default construction material for most filling machines, and packaging machinery in general, is usually stainless steel.  Stainless steel is a sturdy, reliable material that will not be negatively impacted by most products or atmospheres.  However, when projects include products such as acids, bleaches and other liquids that can eat away at steel and other metals, alternative materials will be used to prolong the life of filling equipment and prevent undue wear and tear on the packaging line.  

The filling machine also stands apart from other packaging equipment, such as a rinsing or capping machine, in that it obviously interacts with the product more than the other packaging machines.  The liquid filler must transfer the product through a pathway and into the bottle.  For this reason, filling equipment is especially vulnerable to wear and tear caused by the product being packaged.  Not only will the product be in contact with certain parts of the filling machine, but drips and accidental spills are more likely to occur at the filling machine than on any other location on the packaging line.  For this reason, filling machines for acid, bleach and other corrosive products can be manufactured using HDPE.

These corrosive resistant filling machines, just like other filling machines, can be manufactured for nearly any production level in tabletop, semi-automatic and fully automatic models.  The fully automated corrosion resistant machines include all of the features and options of the stainless steel fillers, but are simply built using the plastic material.  Corrosion resistant filling equipment can be controlled with a PLC and easy to use touchscreen operator interface.  Different filling principles, such as gravity or overflow, can be incorporated into the machine, which can use anywhere from two to sixteen fill heads to reach the necessary demands of production.  Different indexing types can be used for the corrosion resistant filling machines, including pin indexing, starwheel indexing or even screw indexing.  

Of course, automatic packaging machinery will also require automatic conveyors to move the containers through the various packaging stages.  Most automatic corrosion resistant filling machines will also include an HDPE power conveyor for additional protection against packaging line breakdown or premature wear.  The HDPE conveyor may also run the entire length of the packaging system to protect against spills or drips.  

Other packaging equipment for corrosive products may still be manufactured using stainless steel, as the interaction will not include contact with the product.  For extremely harsh products or environments, other HDPE equipment, venting options or custom solutions can be provided.  If you are packaging a product that simply does not interact well with metals, do not give up on efficiency!  Call or browse the website to learn more about corrosive resistant filling machines and packaging equipment.