Filling Machines for Start Up Companies

Filling Machines for Start Up Companies

Finding the ideal filling machinery for any project can be a time consuming, sometimes confusing, task.  Filling machines can use many different filling principles, depending on the product and other unique characteristics of the project.  In addition, for many start up companies, employees and owners will likely have no experience with packaging machinery of any kind.  Liquid Packaging Solutions not only manufactures filling machines, but we help our customers choose the equipment that will best suit their needs.

More times than not, start up companies will begin with a limited sales area.  For example, many smaller bottled water companies may serve a state or slightly larger region.  For start up companies with smaller production demands, tabletop filling equipment may provide the best solution.  Tabletop filling machines will require a laborer to start each fill cycle, usually with either a finger or foot switch.  However, these liquid fillers can handle virtually the same range of products as automatic filling machines - from thin, free-flowing liquids to thick gels and pastes.

Of course, many start up companies begin their business aiming for growth.  In most cases, the faster the growth, the better.  But if quick growth is expected, tabletop filling machinery may quickly become obsolete.  This issue can be solved by starting with semi-automatic filling equipment manufactured on a full size frame.  These type of semi-automatic filling machines can be used as stand alone stations for filling bottles, but they can also roll up to almost any existing power conveyor system.  Not only can automatic controls be added to the machine later, but additional heads - usually up to sixteen total - can be added at a later time.  In other words, the filling machines are built to grow with the company, extending the useful life of the equipment and saving the company money as they expand.  

Finally, some start up companies are lucky enough to have a product that literally explodes on to the market.  They create and market a product that everyone just has to have.  For these companies, automatic filling machinery simply makes sense.  When the market demands your product, you want to get as much of it to the consumers as possible, because you simply cannot tell when tastes will change.  Automatic filling machinery works with a power conveyor system and is normally combined with other automatic packaging equipment, such as bottle rinsers, capping machines, labelers and more.  The automatic liquid filler removes the need for a manual laborer to start the fill cycle.  Instead, these filling machines will index bottles in and out of the fill area and use sensors to alert the machine when the bottles are ready to be filled.  Set up of bottles and changeover from one bottle to another is done via a touchscreen operator interface connected to the filler PLC.  These machines allow for high production demands to be met on a daily basis and can also be built to allow for upgrades as production increases. 

Setting up a packaging line for a new product or products can be a daunting and challenging task.  If you have questions or concerns, Liquid Packaging Solutions can help.  We are always available to discuss new and unique projects as they relate not just to filling machines, but to container cleaning equipment, capping machines, conveyor systems and all other packaging machinery.