Filling Solutions for Any Industry

The sheer number of products that are placed in to bottles and other containers and presented to the general public is somewhat hard to wrap your head around. Simply walking through a grocery store will give some idea of the range of liquids that are prepared every day for consumers, though not even close to all products are represented at such a store. While Liquid Packaging Solutions filling machines have not run every single product available, over the years they have probably come close to running products from just about every industry imaginable.

Probably the most commonly manufactured filling machine at LPS is the overflow filler. This liquid filler has been used to fill bottled water and other beverages, as well as products from many other industries. Items such as window cleaner, liquid soap, chemicals and more can be filled using an overflow machine, which fills liquid to a specific, pre-determined level in each bottle. Generally speaking, the overflow filling machine will handle thin, free-flowing liquids.

Like the overflow filler, the gravity filling machine is seen running mostly water-like liquids. But unlike the overflow filler, the gravity filling machine fills each bottle with a specific volume, rather than to a certain level. LPS gravity fillers have also run beverages like cold brew coffee, as well as fertilizer, kitchen cleaners and harsh chemicals such as bleach. Gravity fillers running corrosive or harsh chemicals will often be manufactured using HDPE construction materials rather than stainless steel, in order to protect and prolong the life of the equipment.

For products on the other end of the viscosity chart, piston fillers are probably the most popular solution. These machines allow for thick products, as well as products with particulates, to be filled by volume as well. Piston fillers from LPS have helped products like honey, fruit jams, candy, epoxy putty and other thicker products that may not run efficiently on overflow and gravity fillers. Simple one head tabletop piston fillers are popular for packagers that have lower production demand, but these machines can also be built with multiple fill heads to run automatic production.

Finally, pump filling machines can also be used for thicker products, offering an alternative to the piston filling machine. These machines have been used for products from paint to hunting scents and insect repellant, sanitizers and more. Packagers using pump fillers can choose an appropriate pump. For example, these machines are often used for items with various scents, flavors or colors using a peristaltic pump. This specific pump allows for quick and easy changeover of the tubing, helping to avoid cross-contamination.

Of course, other filling machines exist, including net weight fillers, monoblock systems and completely custom filling solutions for unique projects. To learn more about the multitude of products packaged using LPS filling machinery, or for assistance in finding the best solution for your own project, contact LPS today.