Five Major Benefits of Automatic Bottle Fillers

Moving to an automated packaging system is a big step for a packager, but one that is often necessary due to product demand. But automation offers a number of benefits beyond just the ability to produce more products in a shorter amount of time. Below are some of the common benefits that come with adding an automatic filling machine when packaging a product.

1. Speed

Of course, as mentioned above, automation often becomes a necessity simply due to the amount of product that must be produced! Automatic bottle fillers can produce a greater number of filled product in a shorter amount of time than using manual labor to hand fill or even fill in a semi-automatic fashion. This is probably the most obvious benefit of the equipment, as well as the most often cited motivation for adding automatic machinery.

2. Consistency and Reliability

In addition to speed, automatic liquid fillers offer both consistency and reliability above and beyond what is typically achievable by doing a fill by hand. Whether by volume, fill level, weight or otherwise, the automatic machines are accurate based on the filling principle being put to use. The removal of uncertainty and inconsistency is also a large benefit for packagers who need to hit specific production goals.

3. Versatility

Automatic filling machines are manufactured to handle multiple container types and sizes, and can even run more than one product in many cases. Very few companies package one product in one container, but rather have a variety of products and/or containers that must be prepared for the end user. The versatility of automatic liquid fillers allows a packager to set up one machine to run many or all of the product and container combinations in use.

4. Easy Operation

Almost every automatic bottle filler will be centrally controlled by an easy to use, touch-screen operator interface. While the interface allows an operator to enter indexing times, fill durations and other settings, as well as turn on and off components of the machine, the Recipe Screen will likely be used more than any other. The Recipe Screen allows all of the settings for a bottle and product combination to be stored and recalled at the touch of a button! So as long as LPS has sample products and containers, automatic liquid fillers can often be primarily set up on the production floor by the touch of a button, about as easy as the operation of a filling machine can get.

5. Ability to Upgrade

A big benefit of automatic filling machinery is the ability of the equipment to grow with the company when manufactured properly. In most cases, simply planning for the addition of more heads in the future can allow a liquid filler to grow with the company as the demand for the products grow or additional liquids are added to the line. In other situations, components such as different nozzles, neck guides and more can be added or modified to accommodate changing product lines.

While this is in no means an exhaustive list of the benefits that a packager may find from automating their filling process, these are benefits that will almost always exist when such a move is made. For more information on automatic bottle fillers, the different filling principles or any of the other equipment manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions, contact the LPS offices to speak with a Packaging Specialist.