Five Reasons Packagers Use Automatic Rinsing Machines

Five Reasons Packagers Use Automatic Rinsing Machines

A few days ago, we discussed the benefits of using an automatic filling machine.  In all honesty, the benefits of using an automatic bottle rinser are nearly identical to those benefits discussed in the recent article.  However, bottle rinsers do offer some unique advantages as well.  Below are some of the benefits of the rinser alone along with some shared benefits worth repeating.

1.  Helps Keep the Packaging Process Sanitary

First and foremost, rinsing and washing machines help to keep the packaging process sanitary.  Even if all other equipment is manufactured as sanitary machinery, the bottles or other containers introduced into the process can contaminate a product.  Dust, debris and other material may be left behind during production of a container, may accumulate during the shipping of the container or could even build up sitting in a warehouse waiting to be used.  Incorporation of a rinsing machine protects the integrity of the a sanitary packaging line.

2.  Required for Certain Products or Industries

Container cleaning equipment is essentially required for industries such as Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and other areas where products are ingested or consumed.  Certain industries will be regulated by rules or laws that will require a product to be free from contaminants, in order to protect the consumer.  If you belong to one of these industries, a rinser, washer or other cleaning machine may not only be desirable, but may be a necessity.

3.  Versatile Machinery

Container cleaning equipment, like filling machines, can normally handle a range of container shapes and sizes.  Simple adjustments to clamps, rails and other components of the cleaning machinery allows quick and easy bottle changeover.  In addition, these machines can be manufactured to handle both glass and plastic containers, as well as clean inside the bottle, outside the bottle or both, if desired.

4.  Easy To Operate

As noted above, adjustments to the container cleaning equipment are normally quick and easy, achieved without the use of tools.  In addition, automatic rinsing and cleaning machines will almost always use a PLC with a touchscreen operator interface.  Very similar to liquid fillers, the operator interface allows the user of the machine to simply input delay and duration times on a single screen.  In most cases, a recipe screen can also be used, meaning the correct settings can be saved and recalled in a quick and simple manner.

5.  Speed

As with all automatic packaging equipment, automatic container cleaning equipment will help speed up the packaging process.  Imagine rinsing or washing every bottle or container by hand before sending it to the filler, capper, labeler or other packaging equipment.  Automatic equipment speeds up the process by using multiple rinse heads and continually cycling bottles through the machine to keep pace with the other packaging equipment. 

Like other packaging machinery, container cleaning equipment is also available for facilities with low to medium production needs as well.  LPS manufactures semi-automatic wet rinsers, bottle vacuums and bottle washers, as well as cleaning equipment for five gallon containers.  For more information on bottle rinsing and washing, feel free to contact our Packaging Specialists.