Follow the Liquid - Overflow Filling Machines

Overflow filling machines are unique in that they fill each and every bottle to a specific, pre-set level. This differs from many other filling machines that may use a target volume or even net weight to get product into the bottles. The unique fill-to-a-level system is ideal for packagers that use clear plastic or glass bottles, allowing for an aesthetic appearance when the products reach the shelf. So how does the liquid end up level in each bottle, even when the interior volume of bottles may vary slightly?

The liquid product being packaged will move from the bulk supply into the overflow filler product reservoir tank. When the time comes to fill the bottles, the liquid is pumped from the reservoir tank through the product pathway. On an overflow filler, this typically means the liquid will move from the tank to a manifold. Simply put, the manifold then supplies product to the fill heads through tubing matched to the product being filled. Fill heads on an automatic overflow filler can range from two to sixteen fill heads.

The fill heads themselves dive into the waiting containers in order to create a seal over the bottle opening. The product is then released into the bottle via the fill port on the unique nozzle. As product reaches the specified level, a second port on the nozzle, the return port, allows excess liquid to "overflow" and return to the product reservoir tank. As the fill completes and the pump eventually stops, any excess liquid over the specified fill level is returned to the tank leaving the packager with the same level of liquid in each bottle or other container. In addition, less product goes to waste as the liquid is returned to the reservoir and can be sent through the product pathway and into the bottle again.

Finding the ideal level is also simple as overflow nozzles use spacers to allow the packager to reach the desired fill level. Spacers will be added or removed to raise and lower the desired level for each different bottle that is run on a packaging line. Typically, when bottles are supplied during the manufacturing process, Liquid Packaging Solutions find the correct spacers for each during the testing phase or the Factory Acceptance test.

Overflow filling machines work with almost any free-flowing liquid, as well as some medium viscosity products. The fill principle also works as one way to help control foamy products during the packaging process. To learn more about the Overflow Filler, or any of the other liquid filling machines manufactured by LPS, visit the Filling Machinery section of the website of contact LPS today to speak with a representative.