Fourth Quarter Review - Filling Machines

As 2018 begins to wind down, Liquid Packaging Solutions will review the common manufacturing done in the La Porte, Indiana plant. Over the next couple of weeks the website will present an overview of different categories of packaging equipment created at LPS. Of course, even given all of the machinery covered during this year end review, LPS also offers custom engineering and design for special projects, so packagers are always welcome to call and discuss unique applications and solutions.

Probably the most popular, or most produced, piece of equipment at Liquid Packaging Solutions is the filling machine. From smaller tabletop versions to portable frame automatic liquid fillers, these machines feed a variety of different products into bottles using a number of different principles. Below is a short description of each of the most popular filling machines manufactured at LPS.

Overflow Filling Machine - The Overflow Filler is a unique liquid filling machine in that the machine fills each and every bottle to a level. This differs from a volumetric fill in that each and every bottle will be filled to the same level even if there is slight variation in the internal volume from container to container. This machine is ideal for free-flowing liquids that are packaged in clear or nearly clear containers, adding aesthetic value.

Gravity Filling Machine - The Gravity Filler offers a simple time based fill for free-flowing products. Nozzles open to allow liquid to flow in to waiting containers. The LPS Gravity Filler allows for each fill head to timed individually, adding increased volumetric accuracy with each fill.

Pump Filling Machine - Pump fillers are ideal for thicker products that need a little extra incentive to flow into bottles. These bottle fillers allow the pump to be matched to the product to ensure an efficient and reliable fill. Using a volumetric principle, pump fillers can fill containers by time or by pulse. A pulse based fill, while still volumetric, will rely on the specific pump being used for any project. For example, a pulse can be a quarter turn, half turn or full turn of a gear pump, depending on different specifications such as container size, speed, product and more.

Piston Filling Machine - Piston fillers are also ideal for thicker products that may not flow freely, though free-flowing products can also be run through the machine. The piston filler provides a highly accurate volumetric fill using different piston sizes again dependent upon the specifications of the project. As product flows in to the large open cylinder of the piston, these machines are also ideal for products such as sauces, dressings and jams that may include larger particulates during the fill process.

Other machines, as well as many different options, are also available from LPS. Corrosion resistant machines can be manufactured for bleaches, acids and other harsh products. Molten fillers are built for candles, glues and similar items that require heating to allow a product to flow. If you are unsure of the best liquid filler for your project, simply call and speak to a Packaging Specialist at LPS for assistance.