Frightening Savings on Filling Machinery Parts in October

Frightening Savings on Parts for Filling Machinery in October

Liquid Packaging Solutions will be offering scary prices on spare parts for filling machinery in the month of October.  Call and mention this blog to receive your special October discount on almost any component for overflow, gravity, piston, pump or custom filling equipment.


The filler parts special will include discounts on most overflow nozzles and the components of those nozzles. Overflow nozzles are unique filling nozzles in that they allow the product being used to fill the bottle to a consistent level, with additional product recirculating into a holding tank.  In order to do this, the nozzles create a seal over the bottle opening.  Over time, these seals, being wear parts, will need to be replaced. Springs, washers and other components may require replacement over time, depending on the product, environment and care given to the machinery.  So whether you are looking for additional nozzles to increase speed and production or replacement wear parts for your existing nozzles, now is the time to stock up and save.


Of course, not every filling machine uses overflow nozzles.  Other fillers, including gravity and pump, may use nozzles consisting of ball valves, actuators and various nozzle tips or types to complete the packaging process.  Again, whether you are looking to add additional fill heads or simply need to re-stock spare parts, October is the month to get the best deal from the LPS parts department.


Different packaging projects will use different types of tubing to deliver product to the bottles or containers. In rare cases, the product may require the tubing to be changed on a regular basis.  This is seen most often in pharmaceutical applications or when many different flavors or scents are being used.  Though not as typical, hose barbs or other plumbing components can wear over time as well, especially when tubing is consistently changed.  From now through the end of October, plumbing components and tubing for all liquid fillers will be on sale, including overstocked Schedule 80 parts from hose barbs to tees and nipples.

The scariest part about our October parts sale?  It's your last chance to save before the Holidays!  To inquire about or order spare parts for your filling machine or any other equipment, contact Lori in the LPS Parts Department at 1-888-393-3693 or email her directly at