Happy Easter Weekend From Liquid Packaging Solutions

From everyone at Liquid Packaging Solutions, we would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Easter weekend. GIven that this Easter may be slightly different than those experienced in the past, LPS also wants to offer a holiday Thank You to all of the packagers getting essential products to those that need them, along with all of the front line workers in health care, first responders and everyone else doing their part to get us through this crisis.

As a packaging machinery manufacturer, we have seen some of the changes to business firsthand in the past few months. We have worked with distillers to help them move to packaging hand sanitizers. We have seen an obvious uptick in the production needs of packagers preparing cleaning products and chemicals, and we have experienced an uptick in calls for upgrades as these production demands increase. While LPS continues to operate in a slightly modified manner, with certain employees working from home, we continue to provide consultation with new projects, parts to keep machinery running efficiently and even new equipment for those in need.

From conveyor systems to fillers, cappers and more, we also appreciate those packagers who allow LPS to partner with them to provide the equipment to get out those essential products in a timely manner. While it is our hope that everyone finds some peace and can relax this weekend, we also know that the fight continues through the weekend and come Monday! If LPS can help with a packaging project in any way, we ask that packagers not hesitate to contact us directly through the website forms or toll-free at 1-888-393-3693.