Happy Father's Day from Liquid Packaging Solutions

Although we imagine there are not a lot of dads out there who would truly appreciate a liquid filler, capping machine or other packaging equipment for Father's Day, there are a whole lot of products that we help to package that just MIGHT bring a smile to the old man's face this weekend.

Maybe let dad relax with his favorite distilled spirit, including gin, rum or whiskey, beverages that LPS help package at distilleries across the United States and Canada. Or for those who prefer non-alcoholic beverages, LPS also helps fill, cap, label and otherwise prepare other drinks such as water, tea and a variety of juices. Grab dad a cold, or warm, one on Sunday and help him relax!

For the hunters and fisherman on the Father's Day list, there are always accessories that can aid in whatever quest is being undertaken. Bait scents, deer scents and other attractants are one more variety of product that run through LPS packaging equipment. But then, after all of those wild scents, maybe something with a slightly better aroma may be in order. LPS also helps to package a number of different colognes, which may be a gift to both dad and the rest of the family after a day in the woods.

And if dad would prefer a night on the town instead of a day in the trees, LPS customers also package shaving creams, soaps, body washes, shampoos and all of the other products that can assist in a little manscaping before a night out. Maybe even help prepare for the night out by using LPS customer's waxes and washes to get the car or truck ready for the evening. (Note: Maybe just use these to prepare the car rather than give them as a Father's Day gift, in our humble opinion).

Of course there are many other industries also served by Liquid Packaging Solutions, from a variety of foods and beverages to chemicals, oils, cleaners, personal care items, cosmetics and more! So while we must admit that our own products are probably not the ideal Father's Day gift, we can be proud of the fact that our machines help bring many products better suited to the holiday to all the dad's out there!

LPS wishes everyone a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend!