Happy Memorial Day from Liquid Packaging Solutions!

In addition to remembering everyone who has sacrificed by serving their country today, Liquid Packaging Solutions would like to thank all those currently in the armed services as well as everyone sacrificing to move us through the current world crisis! And for everyone who has been fighting to make things better across the United States these last few months, we wish you a safe and happy weekend!

Though LPS has stayed open throughout the spread of the coronavirus, our company, like most all companies, has experienced some change during this challenging time, as have the packagers we have been working with to get through this. As more and more companies return to work in the coming weeks and months, LPS will remain committed to doing whatever we can to make the continuation or re-starting of business easier for all packagers.

But as we work through the current crisis, we are also well aware that there have literally been millions before us who worked through a different kind of world crisis, as well as those who currently keep us safe here in our country and around the world. Without the courage and commitment of every man and woman who has, or is, serving, LPS would never have had the opportunity to do what we do.

Liquid Packaging Solutions is proud to promote all of our packaging machinery as Made In America. So on this Memorial Day, we remember and thank all of our veterans past and present, for allowing us that pride!