Happy Thanksgiving Weekend from Liquid Packaging Solutions - Holiday Hours

While here at LPS there are still frames being welded, nozzles being adjusted and fillers, cappers and more being tested, we are well aware that there are only a couple of days left until the Thanksgiving break! Liquid Packaging Solutions will be closed for the holiday on Thursday November 23rd and Friday November 24th, with the doors reopening early on the 27th.

As we loosen our belts and get ready for the next few days of food, football, shopping, we want to wish everyone in the LPS family a safe and happy holiday weekend. As always, we are thankful this year for the employees that make LPS run smoothly on a daily basis, the vendors and suppliers that help LPS help customers and, of course, the extended family of packagers who have partnered with LPS and trusted LPS machinery to get their own products on the shelf and to their own customers. LPS could not exist, or succeed, without the help of each and every one of you!

As we prepare for the holiday season, the production floor is already ramping up with 2024 projects, getting a head start on those machines and projects coming in the next year! Of course, LPS doesn't just build equipment, the service and parts department is always ready to jump in and help when issues arise. As 2024 approaches, LPS encourages all of those packagers with machinery in production to take a moment to visually inspect the machinery, looking for debris buildup, checking wear parts and performing any other maintenance recommended for the equipment on the floor. Packagers can reach out to LPS for assistance in identifying wear and replacement parts that should be kept on hand, replenishing those that are lacking at their own production facility.

For packagers looking to set up their first packaging line in 2024, or those looking to add equipment, there are always added benefits to starting the process early! Getting a jump start on 2024 projects ensures that all deadlines are met, and that adjustments, modifications or additions to packaging machinery can be completed in an expedient manner, with ample time for testing and retesting if necessary. The production floor remains busy as we get ready for the turkey in two days, and LPS sees no reason this will not remain the same in 2024!

Once again, LPS would like to give thanks to all of those who help make the company and the equipment a success. LPS looks forward to working with many of you this holiday season and into 2024!