Industry Packaging Machinery - Distilled Spirits

While Liquid Packaging Solutions manufactured a variety of packaging machinery that works across many different industries, some machines are seen frequently in specific industries. Many factors are in play when packaging certain products, and the products themselves, the bottles or containers, closures and more may lead to certain machines appearing more often in specific industries. Though exceptions always exist, the distilled spirits industry is made up of product that is often a free-flowing liquid, often bottled in glass containers of 375 or 750 ml and using either a cork or an ROPP cap to seal the container. For these reasons, many packagers of distilled spirits will use the same or very similar equipment to prepare spirits for the end user.

As a free-flowing liquid, most distilled spirits can be filled using an overflow or gravity filling machine. The filling principles for both of these machines also work well for the industry. Gravity filling machines allow a liquid to be filled to a specific volume, which works well in an industry that must meet specific tolerances. Overflow fillers do not fill to a specific volume, but rather to the same level in each bottle, which can be a great benefit for distillers using clear or glass bottles. Even when filling to a level, the manufacturing of the bottles will typically allow accurate volumes to be dispensed into each bottle as well, making both of these filling machines popular in the distilled spirits industry.

As anyone who enjoys distilled spirits knows, many bottles are sealed with a cork or T-cork, making bottle corking machines a popular packaging machinery in the industry as well. These machines work to tamp down corks into bottles and prepare them for the shelf or for further packaging in the form of shrink bands, capsules or other types of seals. However, some spirits forego the cork and use an ROPP closure, which threads an aluminum capsule to the bottle and also has the added benefit of providing tamper evidence on each bottle. Again, as these two types of closures are the most often seen closures in the industry, these two capping machines will remain popular in the industry.

Finally, given the product and the fact that clear bottles are often a choice for distillers, rinsing machinery will often be used before the filling of the spirits to ensure no contamination of the product when placed into the containers. Air rinsing machines may be used to blow out dust and debris from the interior of container before receiving spirits, or some distillers may use a wet rinser, using product to clean out containers prior to the fill to further avoid contamination once in the container.

While each project is unique, the machines described above provide ideal solutions for many of the products in the distilled spirits industry. Liquid Packaging Solutions works with each distiller to find the best solution among automatic and semi-automatic rinsers, fillers, corkers, cappers and more. To learn more about the LPS equipment available for distillers, call 1-219-393-3600 today to speak with a Packaging Specialist.