Integration for Turnkey Packaging Lines

Integration for Turnkey Packaging Lines

Sourcing a complete packaging system takes time and effort including, but not limited to, identifying the correct machinery, finding the manufacturers and preparing the production floor.  Using multiple manufacturers for different packaging machines can add extra time and resources to the project and can become the source of frustration for the end user of the equipment when forced to micro-manage a number of different companies during the manufacturing stage.  For this reason, Liquid Packaging Solutions offers integration services, essentially becoming the project manager for the packager and allowing all packaging equipment to be sourced from one single location.

Integration as we refer to it above simply means bringing together equipment from several manufacturer to form one complete packaging system.  For example, LPS may manufacture a conveyor system, a liquid filler and a capping machine for a customer.  However, this same customer may want to use an induction sealer and a labeling machine from another packaging machine manufacturer.  LPS will generally act as a distributor or dealer for the manufacturer of the induction sealer and labeler, bringing each piece of equipment into our plant to stage the entire packaging line in one place, before it reaches the production floor of the customer.  These integration services create several distinct advantages for the packager.

First, by integrating the equipment, LPS creates one point of contact for the end user.  Our customers can pick up the phone and speak with a Packaging Specialist to learn the status of not just one part of their packaging line, but to keep up to date on the progress of their entire system, right up through testing and trial runs.  Creating one point of contact also saves time and money for the packager.  For example, LPS always requests product and package samples from the customer for the testing process, as will almost any packaging machine manufacturer.  Instead of sending products and packages to numerous manufacturers across the country, our customers need only send samples to one location.  Similarly, when it comes time to inspect the equipment and take part in the factory acceptance test, the packager need only visit one location to see all of his or her equipment in action.  

On the manufacturer's end, the integration services allow our technicians to become familiar with all of the machinery during testing and tuning up.  When the time comes for installation or service, our techs will be able to assist in almost any area.  Of course, packaging machinery is diverse and can be complicated in some cases.  Our relationships with packaging machine OEM's basically provide us, and therefore our customers, with a human encyclopedia of packaging information and knowledge, from our own experience to that of many other professionals with years in the industry.

We encourage you to take advantage of this experience and knowledge and contact LPS with projects, questions or concerns.  Our packaging specialists are available to help you find the best power conveyors, liquid fillers, capping equipment, labeling machines and other packaging machinery for your specific project.