Integration Key To A Complete Packaging Solution

Liquid Packaging Solutions manufactures a wide range of packaging machinery, from power conveyors and turntables to rinsing equipment, bottle fillers, capping machines and more. However, LPS does not manufacture every possible type or piece of packaging equipment. There are so many different machines to prepare products for the shelf that such an undertaking would simply be impossible! However, unlike some other machinery manufacturers, LPS does offer packagers complete solutions through our integration service.

While LPS could be said to specialize in conveyors, rinsers, filling machines and capping equipment, among other machines, other manufacturers focus their attention on a single or small range of machines. For packagers, and to keep the machinery manufactured by LPS at top quality, LPS works with these other manufacturers rather than attempting to compete with them. For example, a company that manufactures labelers, and only labelers, will be more efficient at building a labeler for a project than LPS. On the other hand, this same company would start from scratch to manufacture rinsers, fillers and cappers. Obviously, working together benefits not only the packager, but both manufacturers as well.

Like LPS equipment, all equipment integrated by LPS will be made in the USA, unless specifically requested otherwise by a packager. Long and trusted relationships with these other equipment manufacturers (OEM's) allows LPS to add any and all equipment necessary to build a complete packaging solution for a project. As part of the integration service, LPS Packaging Specialists will not only help a packager find the best solution, but OEM equipment will typically be brought in to the LPS facility so that the entire packaging line can be tested with the packagers own product, bottles, caps or closures, labelers and other components.

So for an example of how integration works, if a packager is in need of a line that fills, caps, labels and codes product, LPS would manufacture the conveyors, filling machine, bottle capper and possibly a loading turntable or conveyor for the beginning of the line. LPS would work with the packager and trusted OEM's to select a labeler with a coder that would work best for the project at hand. Once the equipment is finished, the LPS equipment as well as the labeler and coder would be set up at the LPS Indiana plant for testing to ensure that all equipment works as expected. Packagers are not only invited, but encouraged, to visit the site to see all of the equipment run and to ensure everything works as expected, while also earning some free training on the machinery!

The integration of machinery combined with the testing at the LPS plant allows Liquid Packaging Solutions to serve as a one stop shop for packaging machinery needs. Just like LPS equipment, OEM machinery is available to serve customers looking for both automatic and semi-automatic equipment. As always, LPS Packaging Specialists are always available to discuss packaging projects and help to identify the best solution for each individual project.