Las Vegas PACK EXPO Wrap-Up

With the 2023 PACK EXPO show wrapping up on Wednesday, September 13th, Liquid Packaging Solutions headed back to LaPorte, Indiana excited about the potential projects discussed on the show floor. From distilled spirits and other beverages to chemical and pharmaceutical packagers, LPS saw a wide range of packagers and projects at this year's show.

As the 4th Quarter of 2023 quickly approaches, LPS will be in touch with each and every packager that stopped by the booth to discuss their needs in the next few days. For those that did not make it to the show, or simply ran out of time before reaching the LPS booth, representatives are always available to answer questions, suggest equipment, prepare quotes or help in any other way they are needed.

As a quick reminder, Liquid Packaging Solutions manufactures packaging equipment for just about every industry. From bottle loading machinery and power conveyor systems to rinsing, filling and capping machinery and even custom equipment for unique projects. LPS works with each customer to understand their unique needs and ensure that the equipment procured for any given project will work efficiently and reliably.

In order to achieve that goal, LPS also offers a range of services to our packaging partners. These services start with consultation to help to identify the best equipment for the project at hand. And while LPS manufactures a lot of different equipment, the company also works with OEM's to integrate equipment such as labelers, coders and more, ensuring our packagers can get all of the equipment they need for their packaging system.

Installation, training and after-delivery services such as parts and technical support help to keep the efficiency and reliability of the machinery in place for years after initial delivery. Purchasing from Liquid Packaging Solutions includes more than simple delivery of machinery, it allows the packagers a partner for the life of the machinery.

To learn more about LPS rinsing machines, liquid fillers, bottle cappers or any of the other equipment manufactured in the LaPorte, Indiana plant, simply browse the LPS website or contact a Packaging Specialist today at 219-393-3600.