Last Days of the Turntable Sale

Last Days of the Turntable Sale

As Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc. will be closed in observance of the New Year Holiday next Tuesday and Wednesday, there only remain a couple days left to take advantage of the 2013 Winter Special offered by the company.  All types of turntables, ranging from 16" tops to 60" tops, are all on sale until the first of the year.  If your packaging process includes the loading of bottles or the accumulation of product, don't miss this opportunity to add these simple but effective tools to your system.  

Each of our specials highlights a different piece of packaging equipment for both our family of customers and those packagers we have not yet met.  The turntables offered this winter allow packagers to add efficiency to the loading process, packing process or to quickly accumulate product for other reasons throughout the packaging line.  Transfer turntables allow a packager more options in laying out their systems, letting bottles turn at ninety degrees between machines.  For instance, bottles may move through a liquid filler before passing over a transfer turntable, turning ninety degrees on the conveyor and entering the capping machine.  

Turntables can be manufactured using materials that meet the needs of individual products, including all HDPE tables for corrosive products like acids, bleach and other chemicals.  Bottle guide superstructures are added to loading turntables to assist in moving containers from the table to the main conveyor system.  Accumulating turntables are also available in custom sizes to accommodate almost any container size.

Keep in mind that LPS manufactures a wide range of packaging equipment, from power conveyors and rinsing machines to the fillers and cappers mentioned above.  With each new special, we like to offer a different piece of packaging equipment to those who may have different needs.  So if you are not quite ready to add turntables to your packaging system at this time, keep your eyes peeled for additional specials in the near future!

If you have any current packaging needs or if you have questions regarding any of the equipment offered by LPS, our Packaging Specialists are available toll free by phone at 1-888-393-3693 to provide advice and expertise.