Less Than One Month to ADI Conference in Baltimore Maryland

The 2017 Craft Spirits Conference and Expo, held by the American Distilling Institute, will take place from April 3rd through April 6th this year at the Baltimore Convention Center in Maryland. Liquid Packaging Solutions will be on site both April 4th and 5th in Booth 208 for the expo to display some of our equipment and discuss projects and options with distillers.

For those unfamiliar with Liquid Packaging Solutions, our La Porte, Indiana based company designs and manufactures a wide range of equipment to assist in packaging distilled spirits and many other liquid products. More than any other product, LPS produces filling machines to assist distillers in preparing their products for the shelf. Typically, producers of distilled spirits will use one of two different filling machines, either a gravity filler or an overflow filling machine.

Gravity fillers offer an economical volumetric fill, while overflow fillers allow distillers to fill each bottle to the same level, regardless of small differences in the interior volume from bottle to bottle. Both of these machines can be designed as semi-automatic or automatic machines, to meet both high and low production demands. Obviously both liquid fillers offer different advantages, but overflow fillers can add some aesthetic value to spirits that are packaged in clear containers. Though filling machines are a popular item, they are by far not the only piece of packaging equipment produced for the spirits industry.

LPS has also produced container cleaning equipment for distillers as well. Bottle rinsing machines can use water, product or even air to ensure that bottles contain no contaminants prior to the introduction of the product. These machines can also be designed to work on a semi-automatic or automatic basis and can be integrated into almost any existing packaging line. The common process requires bottles to be inverted over a rinse basin before being cleaned, though a bottle vacuum also exists for unique spirit bottles that would be difficult to flip.

Of course, the spirits also need to be sealed before hitting the shelves, and LPS has built a number of different capping and corking machines for those in the distilled spirits industry. The capping or sealing machine used on any given project will depend on the type of closure chosen by the distiller, but again, these machines can be built to handle just about any production demand. Of course, LPS also manufactures power conveyor systems to tie all of the equipment together. So whether looking for a machine for a single process or a complete packaging system, LPS can assist in designing, building, installing and training those in the distilled spirits industry on a solution to specifically fit their needs.

For those that will attend the ADI Conference in Baltimore, we welcome you to stop by Booth 208 and introduce your company and products to our Packaging Specialists. For those distillers who will not be able to make the trip this year, our representatives are always just a toll-free call away.