Line Layouts Assist in Creating Ideal Packaging Solutions

Of the many different factors that must be considered in designing a packaging system, the space available is among the important ones for rather obvious reasons. Systems must be designed to not only fit in to the designated building or production space, but they must leave the necessary room for storing, transporting, packing, shipping or any other task completed on site. For this, and other, reasons, line layouts can play a crucial role in getting the process started and ensuring the creaton of the ideal solution for the space and project at hand.

While the line layout may come early in the process, it will not begin the process. Packaging Specialists at LPS will gather the necessary information to determine what equipment will work for a project. Some of this information may include the product or range of products to be run, the bottles or containers that will be used and the production demands that the company would like to meet. Typically, once the level of automation is determined and the best machines for the job have been identified, the engineering department at LPS will begin the line layouts.

The line layout is simply a representation of how the packaging system will exist when it reaches the production floor. The rendering will start with a depiction of the building or area where the packaging machinery will exist. From here, each machine, from turntables and conveyors to rinsers, filling machines, bottle cappers and more, will be placed in to the drawing to show the physical space that will be occupied by the machines. However, the line layout works as more than just a tool to measure space. The layout allows for companies to prepare for utilities, plan drops and efficinetly set up other activities on the production floor. For instance, the shipping dock may well exist in the same area as the packaging machinery. The line layout allows a company to plan for shipping, create fork truck lanes, reserve space for storage of finished product or any other activity related to shipping.

Just like the machinery, the activities taking place on the production floor will vary from project to project based on both need and the personal desire of the packager. But a simple line layout, combined with other planning tools, can save hours of time, from planning to execution, as well as help to ensure that no unexpected surprises arise after the installation of machinery. To discuss your project with a Packaging Specialist from LPS, simply contact our offices today!