Line Layouts for Your Packaging Machinery

Line Layouts for Your Packaging Machinery

One of the simplest and easiest ways to ensure the transition of packaging machinery from the factory to the plant floor is a smooth one is to obtain a line layout early in the process of setting up your packaging system.  A line layout may offer several different pieces of information, but the most important will be the total floor space needed for your packaging line.  The line layout can usually be requested from the Engineering Department.

Of course, packaging lines may vary widely in the machinery that is included or excluded, depending upon the needs of the packager.  While one line may consist simply of a filling machine, power conveyor and two turntables, another line may be made up of a bottle unscrambler, an automatic rinsing machine, a liquid filler, an automatic capping machine, a labeler and coder and packing machinery as well.  Obviously the second packaging line will take up more space on a production floor than the first packaging line.

In general, the line layout for a packaging system will allow the packager to see the line length and depth, which will allow for early planning of the positioning of the packaging line on the production floor.  While the packaging machinery itself is extremely important to the production floor, there are other considerations to take into account.  For instance, bulk bottles for the filling machine and lids for the automatic capper will likely be stored somewhere near the packaging machinery.  Such storage provides easy access for the operator of the packaging machine and ensures limited downtime for the replenishment of these items.  In addition, the finished products must be packed, palleted and shipped out the door in most packaging plants.  A space must be left clear for packing if the packaging system does not do so automatically, and a path must be cleared for the movement of the packed products to the shipping dock.

Obtaining a line layout that gives the packager the line length and depth allows for the early planning of not just the location of the packaging machinery, but the complete set up of the production floor.  Proper planning of such set up can save hours of labor time and increase the efficiency of the packaging line before it even reaches the inside of the end users facility.  It can also avoid delays in the start up of the machinery due to a lack of space or improper electrical drops or plumbing. 

Whether you are looking for a simple packaging system consisting of one or two packaging machines or plan to use a fully automated packaging system from bottle unscrambling to pallet wrapping, make sure to utilize the line layout provided by the engineering department to plan for the installation of your machinery.  This simple drawing may even assist in purchasing or modification decisions during the planning stages of the packaging machinery.