Liquid Filling Machines - The Gravity Filler

The Gravity Filler from Liquid Packaging Solutions offers packagers an economical, time-based volumetric fill principle. As the name suggests, this machine relies on the force of gravity to move liquid from a supply tank, through the product pathway and into the waiting bottles or containers.

The supply tank on this filling machine sits above the fill heads, allowing gravity to move liquid from above to the bottles below. This simple method of moving product makes the gravity filler an economical solution for many packagers. Available in both automatic and semi-automatic models, the machine can add efficiency to packaging projects both large and small. Semi-automatic gravity fillers require more operator interaction, such as placing the bottles and activating the fill for each cycle run, while automatic machinery uses power conveyors, indexing systems and a PLC to add speed while reducing the need for operator interaction.  Whenever possible, LPS gravity fillers are manufactured to allow for future upgrades, letting the machinery grow with the company.

Even with the simple method of product movement, individually timed fill heads allow for an accurate volumetric fill. As product flows from the supply tank, the machine will typically use pneumatically activated valves to open each nozzle for a pre-set amount of time, shutting the valves once the time elapses. By allowing the time for each fill nozzle to be set individually, each bottle can be filled to the same volume from cycle to cycle. As the machine uses a time-based fill and gravity as the main force for movement of the liquid, these machines are ideally suited for free-flowing liquids that are not susceptible to changing viscosities based on temperature. While some medium viscosity products can be prepared using the gravity filler, the filling of thicker products is better suited to machines such as pump or piston fillers, where components assist product flow to maximize the speed of the process.

The filling principle used on any project will be determined by the characteristics of each unique project. The gravity filling machine offers an economical solution for free-flowing liquids, including water, solvents, paint and even chemicals and corrosive products. With a variety of nozzles to choose from, these liquid filling machines can also handle products that foam using specific fill heads or a bottom-up fill process. To learn about other fill principles and filling machines, visit the Filling Machinery section of the LPS website.