Liquid Packaging Products: Capping Machines and Sealing Equipment

While getting the right amount of product into a bottle is undoubtedly an important part of packaging liquids, capping or sealing that bottle to protect the product is equally as important! With many different ways to cap, seal and protect product, the capping machines and sealing equipment produced by Liquid Packaging Solutions will vary greatly from project to project.

The type of capping machine manufactured for any project will be driven in large part by the type of closure the packager chooses to use on their bottles or other containers. LPS manufactures both spindle cappers and chuck capping machines for screw-on, or continuous thread, closures, while also building other equipment for ROPP caps, snap on caps and corks. Each capping machine will work for various sizes and styles of the same cap type. However, some cappers may combine to do more than one type of cap, such as the spindle & snap capping machine, or custom equipment may be manufactured for truly unique closures.

Like liquid fillers, each type of capping machine will be available with different levels of automation. From operator-driven tabletop capping machines to fully automatic equipment, cappers are available to add consistency to the capping process through repeatable tightening, threading, corking or other process regardless of the production demand for a product. Tabletop and semi-automatic equipment will normally require an operator to place the cap on the bottle and then place the combination of cap and bottle in position for tightening.

Automatic capping equipment differs in that bottles will index into the capping area and receive a closure automatically through the use of an elevator, vibratory bowl or some other delivery system. The need for the operator to be involved with each bottle and cap is removed and higher capping speeds can be achieved.

In addition to capping machinery, LPS also offers other sealing equipment to add extra protection for containers. From induction sealers for foil seals under caps to neck banders and heat tunnels to add shrink sleeves to containers, these machines help provide tamper evidence on products while also adding aesthetic value to a number of different items. As with the capping machinery, most of the other sealing equipment will also be available in both automatic and semi-automatic configurations, and custom machinery can be designed for unique projects.

From typical packaging processes to truly on-of-a-kind projects, LPS can assist in finding an efficient, reliable and affordable capping solution for almost any project. Packagers can contact LPS directly during regular business hours to consult with a Packaging Specialist and identify the best capping solution for any production line.