Liquid Packaging Solutions - What We're Working On

One of the best ways to let packagers know what we do is to host them at our La Porte, Indiana manufacturing plant so that they can see our ongoing projects. Of course, not everyone can take the time to visit LPS, so every once in awhile we just like to share what's going on on the production floor!

As we close in on the Fourth Quarter of 2017, there is no shortage of work on the floor. Multiple projects are underway and in different stages of completion. Running through testing right now is a complete packaging system for beverages that includes a rinsing machine, liquid filler and capping machine manufactured right here in LaPorte. The line also includes a labeling machine that will be integrated with the other equipment and LPS turntables and conveyors to tie it all together. The testing of this system takes place with customer product and containers, which we always encourage, to ensure that there are no surprises once the equipment starts running for the customer.

Nearing the testing stage are two nearly completed automatic rinsing machines, at least one of which will be added to an existing packaging line. These machines both invert bottles over a rinse basin and use air to loosen dust debris and other particulates that could contaminate the product if bottles were not rinsed. Even with single machines, LPS encourages testing with the packager's bottles to ensure the indexing, clamping and inverting works without issue. And if an issue arises, it is much easier and more cost effective to fix it on our production floor, where all necessary tools and labor exist.

Another filling and capping project currently on the LPS floor involves the design and manufacture of a custom system as containers and lids for this project are larger than normal projects. Custom systems are another reason packager samples are always requested. Almost every machine will include some customization to fit the needs of the individual packager and their package components. Having these items allows LPS to identify these needs at the design and engineering stage, saving both time and money by building the machine correctly the first time through!

A number of different tabletop and semi-automatic machines are also in various stages of completion as August comes to an end, along with lots of turntables and conveyors for current and upcoming projects! The semi-automatic machines include both bottle fillers and bottle cappers, with some being manufactured to work together as a fill and cap system. And as we near the end of August, it seems that there are two projects ready to start for every one that is being completed!

At LPS, we appreciate each and every packager who trusts us to be a part of their own company's success by providing affordable, efficient and consistent packaging equipment. Our Packaging Specialists are always ready to discuss current needs and answer questions regarding equipment and are happy to schedule appointments that will also allow packagers to see our machinery on the plant floor! If you would like to visit LPS and learn more about our company and machinery, simply contact the Sales Department toll free at 1-888-393-3693 x 314.