Liquid Packaging Solutions Christmas Schedule

As we near the beginning of the Twelve Days of Christmas, we wanted to let everyone know that LPS will be closed from December 24th, 2014 until Monday, December 29th 2014 for our own long winter's nap. This short break allows LPS to check inventory and prepare ourselves to serve our entire family of packagers again in 2015!

Of course, this short break in no way means we are done serving our customers in the current year. In fact, we encourage anyone with a project for the new year to call LPS immediately to get the process moving! New years mean new budgets, which can translate to a crowded production floor here in Indiana. We also encourage packagers to take a look at their own shelves to ensure spare and wear parts are fully stocked. The beginning of the year provides a perfect opportunity for assessment, and to help our packagers, LPS is offering discounts on spare and replacement parts right now through to the 24th.

As an end of the year reminder to those new packagers that may be reading this, Liquid Packaging Solutions manufacturers a wide range of packaging equipment for almost every industry imaginable. From power conveyors and turntables to rinsing machines, liquid fillers and capping machines, LPS builds equipment for production runs both large and small, from semi-automatic to automatic. In addition to manufacturing a wide range of equipment ourselves in our LaPorte, Indiana plant, we also procure equipment from OEM's as well, allowing packagers to complete all of their packaging machinery purchases through one manufacturer. Along with machine integration, LPS also offers consultation, installation, training and post-installation service.

Consultation services from LPS may include assistance selecting the best equipment for the specific project at hand, combining sales, engineering and technical service departments to find the ideal solution for each packager. Installation and training will normally occur at the packager's plant allowing proper set up of the machinery as well as a complete understanding of changeover, adjustments and operation by the packagers own team on site. Post-installation service can be the sale of replacement parts, a simple phone call to resolve an issue or a trip to the packagers plant to work out complex problems.

If you have not worked with LPS in the past, we encourage you to at least take advantage of free consultation with our Packaging Specialists for your next project. With years of experience over a wide array of projects, you might just be surprised at the solutions we can offer you!