Liquid Packaging Solutions Offers Manufacturing and More

Liquid Packaging Solutions Offers Manufacturing and More

Anyone familiar with Liquid Packaging Solutions knows that our company manufactures liquid fillers, capping equipment, container cleaning machines, conveyors and a range of other packaging machinery.  Each category of machine can be manufactured specifically for the needs of the packager, product and production rate necessary.  LPS, however, offers customers much more than just the building of packaging machinery.  Keep reading to learn of some of the other services and benefits of partnering with Liquid Packaging Solutions.


Before beginning production of a packaging system or a single machine, such as an overflow filler or spindle capper, LPS representatives will use their experience and expertise to ensure that customers are getting the specific packaging machine necessary to meet their needs.  The consultation may take in to account the current packaging system being used, the space available, the product being run as well as the future plans of the company.  Each project will be case specific and the factors taken into account may vary greatly from project to project.  In the end, the goal is to help the customer find not only the perfect packaging machinery, but also the best use for that machinery.


Liquid Packaging Solutions also maintains strong relationships with other equipment manufacturers (OEM\'s) in the packaging industry.  These relationships allow LPS to create complete packaging lines by integrating packaging machinery from OEM\"s with the packaging equipment manufactured in house.  For example, LPS may purchase a labeler from another manufacturer and incoporate the labeler with a filling machine, capping machine, belt conveyor system and turntables manufactured in house.  The result is a complete fill, cap and label line for the customer without having to deal with multiple manufacturer\'s in setting up the line.  In essence, LPS allows for one stop shopping as it applies to packaging machinery and packaging systems.


Liquid Packaging Solutions will offer installation with almost any packaging machine or packaging system manufactured.  The installation of packaging machinery helps to ensure that the equipment will be set up correctly.  Whether a single machine such like a gravity filler or automatic rinsing machine, or a complete line consisting of container cleaning equipment, liquid filler, capping machine, labeler, coding equipment and a conveyor system, LPS technicians will meet the equipment at the customers plant and prepare it for optimum performance.


Often combined with the installation will be training of operators and staff on the correct usage of the packaging machinery.  After installation is complete, LPS technicians will meet with an indiviudal or a shift to explain the proper handling of the machinery. The training may include understanding and setting the controls on a liquid filling machine, setting up spindles on an automatic capping machine and/or the process of changing from one bottle size to another on a complete packaging system.  The time spent on training and the topics covered by technicians will depend in part on the machinery installed at the plant.  


LPS also offers service on all packaging equipment.  Servicing machines may include a number of different actions, from retraining a shift on packaging machines following employee turnover to repairing damaged or worn packaging equipment to upgrading equipment.  Depending on the equipment, service may be performed at the customer site or the equipment may be shipped back to LPS for repairs or upgrades.  Refresher courses or simple repairs may be accomplished with a simple toll-free phone call on many occasions. 


Almost all packaging equipment includes contact parts and wear parts that will eventually need replacement to keep the packaging machinery running at optimum performance.  LPS stocks a wide range of these parts for the machinery that is manufactured in house as well as for machinery that is used in integration.  THe parts department at LPS can be reached using a toll free number during business hours to ensure that replacement parts are always available and to help our customers avoid costly downtime of the machinery.  LPS will also suggest keeping certain parts on hand at the customer plant for certain packaging machines to assist in avoiding downtime.

Working with Liquid Packaging Solutions offers packagers more than just a company to build their packaging machinery.  At LPS, we believe we are partnering with each customer to bring success to both of our companies.  For more information on packaging machinery and all of the services offered by Liquid Packaging Solutions, contact us toll free at: