Liquid Packaging Solutions on YouTube

While browsing the LPS website can give packagers a good idea of the range of equipment manufactured at the LaPorte, Indiana plant, there is something to be said for seeing the machinery in action. While driving from across the country or around the world to see equipment in the plant may not be feasible, clicking on a link is something that almost everyone can do. The Liquid Packaging Solutions YouTube channel offers packagers the opportunity to see bottle rinsers, filling machines, capping equipment, and more, running a variety of containers and products.

When manufacturing equipment at the LPS plant, one of the final stages prior to shipping consists of testing the equipment with the packager's own bottles and product, to ensure that all of the machinery will perform efficiently and as expected. Below are a few links that show examples of this testing for some of the more popular machines built in the Indiana plant.

Inverting Rinsing Machine

For many industries, rinsing bottles prior to introducing product is an important step in the packaging process, helping to protect liquids from contamination in the form of dust and debris that may collect during the manufacture, shipment or storage of the containers. An inverting rinsing machine lifts containers off of the conveyor, inverting the bottles for the rinse to follow. Typical inverting rinsers will use air, water or some other liquid to remove debris from the interior of the container. The rinsing machine seen in this video is a unique solution in that it not only inverts the bottles but also uses a vacuum to remove debris.

Overflow Filling Machine

One of the most popular filling machines manufactured by LPS fills bottles to a consistent level. The overflow filler is an ideal solution for packagers that use glass containers or other clear or nearly clear bottles. Using a special nozzle, this machine will fill each bottle to the same level even if the interior volume of the containers is slightly different from container to container, creating an aesthetically pleasing line when the product reaches the shelf.

Tabletop Piston Filler

Not every packager requires high-speed, automatic packaging equipment. At LPS, semi-automatic and tabletop packaging machinery is also available for smaller projects. This tabletop piston filler provides a great solution for smaller filling projects that use viscous products, though free-flowing liquids can be filled as well. The machine provides an accurate volumetric fill and can even handle products with larger particulates such as jellies and jams.

Spindle Capping Machine

At LPS, different capping machines are manufactured for different closure types. Screw-on type caps, such as those found on bottled water, soft drinks and many other products, are one of the most common types of closures used in the packaging world. It stands to reason, then, that this spindle capping machine is one of the most commonly manufactured cappers at LPS. Of course, machinery is also built for other cap types, including ROPP, snap caps, corks and more.

Of course, these are a small sampling of the packaging solutions offered. Browsing the LPS YouTube channel will show many of the different machines built over the years. And, of course, custom solutions are always available for unique projects. To discuss your own project with a Packaging Specialist, give LPS a call today, or touch base with the Quick Connect form found on each page of the LPS website.