Liquid Packaging Solutions Prepares for Third Decade!

With two days left in the 2010's, Liquid Packaging Solutions is gearing up to begin manufacturing in the third different decade for the company. Looking back, LPS has seen trends come and...well, stay. From a bottled water boom to craft distilleries to the recent rise of CBD and essential oils, the company has done its best to serve new and upcoming industries while also continuing to build equipment for industries such as food, other beverages, cosmetics, household products, personal care liquids, cleaners, chemicals and more!

LPS began building machinery and providing service for packagers back in 2006, with the company established through the gathering of a number of different packaging specialists. While there have been some changes in the team over the last couple decades, the level of expertise remains high, with over a century of combined packaging industry and packaging machinery experience available to liquid packagers from just about any industry. This experience is used not only to design and build equipment, but to help each and every packager use that equipment in the best and most efficient manner. From installations and training to technical service and parts, LPS moves in to the 2020's with the same philosophy held in the 2000's, and that is each packager that LPS works with is a business partner and the success of LPS depends on the success of each and every one of those business partners.

So whether you are a veteran bottler of water, a professional distiller of unique spirits or a start-up company producing cutting edge CBD and cannabis products, LPS can help you prepare your products for the consumer. From automated systems that can deliver a hundred bottles a minute to tabletop systems for lower, but consistent and reliable, production, LPS equipment serves companies big and small. As LPS moves to 2020 and beyond, the company remains excited to continue to serve the vast array of industries that have trusted LPS to rinse, fill, cap and otherwise package their products through the 2000's, 2010's and into the 2020's!

As the year, and the decade, come to a close, we want to wish all of the packagers out there a very happy and safe New Year and a prosperous beginning to the next ten years! LPS looks forward to celebrating 2030 with even more packaging, and business, partners!