Liquid Packaging Solutions Second Quarter Projects - Industries Covered

Liquid Packaging Solutions Second Quarter Projects - Industries Covered

In what has been a busy second quarter here at Liquid Packaging Solutions, the manufacturing of packaging equipment has served a wide range of industries.  From individual machines such as liquid fillers and capping equipment to power conveyor systems and entire turnkey packaging lines, our production floor has been working for repeat customers and new packagers alike.  Below are a few of the projects completed or ongoing in the past three months at LPS.

As we noted at the beginning of the year, distilled spirits and e-liquids were emerging and booming industries, and we expected to see more projects in this industry throughout 2014.  The second quarter did nothing to change that expectation.  From complete lines to individual machines such as bartop corkers, capsule spinners and filling machines, the demand for equipment in the distilled spirits industry continues to climb.  E-liquid companies continue to emerge as well, in our experience leading the way for start up companies.  We have seen many regional companies offering these liquids, and semi-automatic equipment such as fillers and cappers have been popular. 

The Food and Beverage Industry also continues to pop up on the production schedule as well, outside of distilled spirits.  In the second quarter alone we have worked with candy and flavorings, along with other beverage products.  Food products often tend to be more viscous than beverages and packaging solutions can include custom designs and challenging packaging.  Equipment manufactured in the second quarter included filling and sealing machines and complete turnkey packaging solutions.

For the cosmetic industry, LPS manufactured machinery for nail polish, body lotions and hand soap.  These projects included equipment for some larger packagers, including individual filling machines and capping machines to add to an already existing packaging system.  The soap line was manufactured as a complete solution with container cleaning equipment, an overflow filler, spindle capper and labeling equipment, as well as power conveyors and loading and accumulating turntables.  

Finally, several projects brought other cleaners and chemicals into the LPS plant for the manufacturing and testing of packaging equipment.  From acetone and a diesel fuel additive to other industrial cleaners, these projects can present challenges due to the harsh nature of the product on occasion.  However, corrosion resistant machinery is manufactured when needed, along with explosion proof machinery.  These projects also included filling and capping equipment in the second quarter.

Other projects will continue into the third quarter of 2014, including machinery for a molten product and more distilled spirits and beverages as well as foods and chemicals.  While serving a variety of industries sometimes makes us feel like we've seen it all at Liquid Packaging Solutions, we always find ourselves with new and challenging projects as well.  If you have a project that you would like to discuss with a Packaging Specialist at LPS, feel free to contact us via the contact box in the upper left corner of this page or simply call toll free at 1-888-393-3693.