Liquid Packaging Systems - Inline and Monoblock

Packaging machinery can be found in many different shapes and sizes, from simple tabletop machines to complex multi-machine packaging systems. Finding the right equipment for your own packaging project can be a daunting task, especially if you are not familiar with all of the options. The Packaging Specialists at Liquid Packaging Solutions are always available to assist and consult in this search. For example, automatic liquid packaging systems offer many different options and designs, but two of the most common at LPS are the inline packaging system and the monoblock system. Which is better for your individual project? Well that will depend on the unique characteristics of each project.

Inline Packaging Systems

Inline packaging systems typically consist of multiple packaging machines with a power conveyor to move the bottles from one machine to the next. The machinery will differ from line to line, but filling machinery, capping equipment and labelers are common machines for such a system. First and foremost, a packager must have adequate space available to accommodate the necessary machinery. Without space on the production floor for each machine and the power conveyors to connect them, other options must be considered. Otherwise, inline packaging systems can handle almost any project, with modifications to allow for large bottles, small bottles, oddly shaped containers or caps and many other unique characteristics. However, this does not mean that the inline system is always the best system to use, nor does every packager need the output provided by such a line. In addition to tabletop and semi-automatic packaging machines, some packagers may choose to use a monoblock packaging system.

Monoblock Packaging System

For some companies, a monoblock packaging system may be a better choice than an inline system. For starters, the monoblock will not take up the same amount of space as an inline system, allowing an option when space is limited. Rather than using a power conveyor system, a monoblock system uses star wheel indexing to move containers around the packaging system, with the different packaging processes taking place at different locations on the wheel. For example, after a container enters a slot on the star wheel, the wheel will turn until it reaches the filling machine, pausing to allow product to be introduced. As the star wheel turns, the container may stop for capping, nitrogen purging or several other processes, before exiting the machine ready for the customer. Monoblock system can work well with smaller container such as vials and tubes, but can also be manufactured for larger bottles as well.

Again, each packaging project should be analyzed using a number of factors, including product, space, production demands, caps, labels and more, to help to identify the best solution for each packager. Both inline packaging systems and monoblock equipment will often work for the same project, but one may be more efficient and cost-effective than the other. In addition, custom packaging machinery can also be designed for special packages or products that require creative solutions. If you would like assistance in analyzing your own project, contact the Packaging Specialists at LPS.