LPS Celebrates 15 Years of Serving the Packaging Industry

This week marks the fifteen-year anniversary of Liquid Packaging Solutions doing business in LaPorte, Indiana. LPS would like to take a moment to thank all of the packagers, vendors and employees that have made the first fifteen years so special to all of us.

From Fortune 500 companies to mom-and-pop shops and startup businesses, the range of projects brought to us by our family of packagers has always remained both challenging and rewarding throughout the years. With each project comes unique challenges to meet the needs and desires of companies both large and small. Over the years, the exceptional employees of LPS have risen to whatever challenge has been presented. From designing packaging machinery to meet the needs of the packager, to making those designs become a reality on the production floor and helping to ensure that the packager gets the most out of the equipment for years after it is up and running, LPS is only as good as those doing the work. And after fifteen years, the company is extremely proud of the work that has been done.

At the same time, our success over the past fifteen years can also be measured by the success of those packagers we serve. Along with the challenges comes the enjoyment and excitement of watching the businesses we serve grow and thrive. At LPS, we manufacture packaging equipment, but we strive to create a relationship that goes beyond simply building equipment. It is our sincere hope that our packagers look at LPS as a partner in the packaging industry. Without the success of all of our packagers, LPS would not have been successful over the past decade and a half.

Finally, along with a few other moments in LPS history, the last year and a half has seen challenges on the supply side of our business. The pandemic has created challenges across many industries, including those companies that serve as vendors for LPS. Through all those challenges, LPS is grateful for all of the companies that provide us with the materials and parts necessary to complete our work. LPS vendors have gone above and beyond to ensure that LPS employees could continue to go above and beyond despite much of the world shutting down.

The last fifteen years have been filled with just about every emotion available, but the people that make up LPS, as well as the people we serve, have made the journey one that we hope to repeat in the next fifteen years! We thank everyone that has been a part of this journey at Liquid Packaging Solutions, and cannot think of a better way to celebrate our fifteen year anniversary than getting to work on the next fifteen years.