Lps Manufactured Packaging Machinery

LPS Manufactured Packaging Machinery

Anyone familiar with the packaging industry is well aware that a complete packaging line will normally come from more than one manufacturer.  A number of companies that do manufacture packaging equipment will integrate the machinery as well.  In general, this means that packaging machines from other equipment manufacturers (OEM's) will be added to a system to offer customers a complete turn key packaging solution.  Liquid Packaging Solutions (LPS) has a number of strong relationships with OEM's that allow us to offer our customers these complete solutions.  However, a large percentage of the packaging equipment offered by LPS, including the equipment described below, is manufactured right in our plant in LaPorte, Indiana.  


LPS offers a variety of solutions for loading, transferring and accumulating containers.  Conveyor systems can be manufactured in a variety of manners to meet the individual needs of any packaging product.  Aluminum, stainless steel and even plastic conveyors can be used to ensure a long and useful equipment life.  Loading turntables can be used at the beginning of a conveyor system to introduce containers and bottles to the line, while accumulating turntables can gather product for packaging or other tasks at any point on the packaging system.  Transfer turntables can also be used to move bottles around 90 degree turns on a packaging system, where a straight line, inline system simply will not work.


Container cleaning equipment is ideal for industries that produce products that will be consumed, such as foods, beverages and pharmaceuticals, among others.  Any time that product contamination is an issue on a packaging line, some type of container cleaning machine will likely be used.  LPS manufactures rinsing machines, bottle washers and bottle vacuums to remove dust and debris from containers before they reach the filling stage where actual product will be introduced.  Container cleaning machines may use air, water or other rinse media to rinse and wash bottles.  


Filling machines will be specifically manufactured to handle the product or products being packaged.  Different types of liquid fillers will be used based on a number of factors, with one of the biggest being the viscosity of the product.  Overflow fillers and gravity fillers will typically be used for thin to medium viscosity products, while pump filling machines and piston fillers will generally be used for thicker products.  There are, of course, exceptions to these general rules and each filling machine manufactured will be unique to the project.  Liquid fillers are available for all production needs, ranging from tabletop and semi-automatic equipment to fully automated bottle fillers.  


Capping machines will be manufactured based on the cap and container used by the packager.  Spindle cappers and chuck cappers will almost always be used for screw on caps, though some machines may be customized to handle the type of screw on cap used (flat, tall, sports cap, flip-top, etc.).  Specialty cappers can be manufactured for snap on caps, ROPP caps or other unique cap types.  Like the filling machines, LPS can manufacture bottle cappers for almost any production need as these machines are available in manual, tabletop, semi-automatic and automatic models.


LPS manufactures other components of a packaging systems as well, including nitrogen purge machinery and bottle separating equipment.  Nitorgen purge machines can be used before or after a filling machine or just prior to a capping machine.  The nitrogen systems replace oxygen in containers or headspace that may breakdown a product.  These machines can be used to strengthen containers, extend shelf life and preserve the taste, texture and color of a product.  Bottle separators may be used at a number of different locations on a packaging line to provide space between containers when necessary.  The separators may also be used to transfer containers across deadplates on a conveyor system.  Finally, from time to time a packaging project arises that requires custom packaging machinery.  LPS will work with engineers and technicians to create a unique packaging solution in these cases.  These may be as simple as creating vertical versus horizontal conveyor systems or might entail creating a completely new capping machine to seal unique containers.