Lps Parts for Packaging Processes

LPS Parts for Packaging Processes

While Liquid Packaging Solutions manufactures many different pieces of packaging equipment, some of those in our family of customers know us for another reason.  In order to better serve our customers, LPS keeps a large inventory of parts for packaging machinery.  These parts include those necessary for the manufacture of our own rinsing machines, liquid fillers, capping machines and more, but they also include many different parts for OEM machinery that we integrate into our complete packaging systems.

Obviously, LPS tries to keep in stock all of the parts necessary to manufacture LPS machinery, especially our wear parts.  Wear parts are those particular components of packaging machinery that, over time, will erode or wear down, eventually needing replacement.  Usually wear parts are contact parts, such as spindle wheels on a capping machine or rubber seals on filling equipment.  When the wear parts finally give way, it can mean a crash of the packaging line, bringing production to a standstill.  For this reason, we always try to maintain an ample supply such items in our parts stock room. 

From time to time, however, even non-wear parts may need to be replaced.  Motors, gear reducers, gear boxes and other components may simply run through their useful life, or, at times, accidents do happen.  Regardless of the reason for the need, LPS keeps non-wear items on the shelf as well, in an attempt to ease the minds of those doing the packaging.

Finally, LPS does add equipment from other manufacturers to our own equipment to offer complete turnkey systems to our clients.  These items may include an induction sealer, labeling and coding equipment or other packaging machines.  When we integrate machinery, we try our best to also keep the essential parts for those OEM machines in stock and on our shelves, allowing our customers a one-stop, easy access solution for all of their packaging needs. 

If for any reason we do not have what you need in stock, our parts department will work with you to find the items you need.  Many times this will simply consist of redirecting a call to the OEM company, though we have had some scavenger hunts in the past to find those unique items that seldom need replacement!  The bottom line is that our parts department is a full service department of LPS, and we take pride in our ability to help our customers run a smooth, reliable production floor.  Our number one priority once our machinery hits the production floor is to keep our customers up and running to meet production demands.  

If you would like more information on the parts available, or want to place a parts order, contact Lori toll free at 1-888-393-3693 or mail her directly at lori@liquidpackagingsolution.com