LPS Parts & Service Department Offers Solutions for the Unexpected

While most of the staff at Liquid Packaging Solutions spends their time designing, building and testing packaging machinery for new projects, we simply would not be serving our customers to the best of our ability without a Parts & Service Department. At LPS, our Parts & Service Department exists to assist the customer after the sale, installation and training on the packaging equipment is complete. The main goal of this department is to ensure that the machinery acquired from LPS continues to work efficiently and consistently on a day to day business.

When designing packaging machinery for any project, it is a rare occasion when nothing unexpected occurs. From an extra, unknown bottle size to unforeseen product properties to strangely shaped bottles or unique caps, there will almost always be that unexpected factor that requires some modification to the expectations for the final design of any given machine. And at LPS, we understand that our customer's application will not always remain static. New bottles will be introduced, new products will be released, new equipment may be added or replaced that will change the way production occurs or machinery is used. For this reason, LPS created the Parts & Service Department as a separate division of the company to better service those with machinery already at their facility.

From a parts perspective, this department allows for quick and easy access to spare and wear parts to ensure that downtime remains as near to zero as possible. While LPS encourages our customers to keep certain spare parts on hand, we also keep a wide variety of parts at our own shop to allow quick and easy shipping to the companies that may need them. For example, packagers using a spindle capper should always keep spindle wheels on hand for quick and easy replacement. These components of the bottle capper come in contact with closures as they pass through the machine. This contact results in the wear of the wheels, and the wear will at some point cause the spindle capper to lose consistency and reliability in tightening. Keeping the wheels on hand means a quick and easy replacement and limited downtime. However, LPS also keeps the spindle wheels on hand for those who run short at their own facility or simply forget to re-order extras. Though downtime may be extended slightly due to the shipping process, keeping the wheels in stock in our own plant will still minimize lost time for our customers.

From a service standpoint, LPS understands that sometimes things just don't work like they're supposed to work! Or new employees may need a little help getting machinery running like it should run. For a majority of service issues, from heads not diving on filling machines to caps falling off on bottle cappers and even to power conveyors that just do not want to move like they should move, we have found that a walk through set up or maintenance on the phone with an LPS technician will almost always reveal not only the issue, but the solution as well. Of course, a majority is not the same as all, and from time to time our service techs will hit the road to re-train or fine tune equipment to achieve that maximum efficiency. These visits vary widely from simply working with new employees to learn the equipment controls to re-tooling a machine to handle new bottles, caps or product. On very rare occasions, when major modifications are required, LPS may even have equipment shipped back to our plant, so that we have all the tools and people necessary to make any adjustments or modifications that are necessary.

As we have stated many times before, the success of Liquid Packaging Solutions depends entirely on the success of those businesses that we serve. Our Parts & Service Department exists to help our customers succeed in any way that we can. If you have questions about replacement parts, service or machinery in general, the Parts & Service Department can be reached Toll Free at 1-888-393-3693 x 304, or by email at