LPS Services Complement Machinery Manufacturing

At Liquid Packaging Solutions, each month brings a number of new packaging projects. THe machinery being built at the production facility can range from complete packaging lines that include liquid fillers, capping machines, labeling equipment and power conveyors to simple, single tabletop machinery. And while manufacturing packaging machinery is a big part of what LPS does for packagers, the services offered along with the machinery help to ensure that the equipment works upon arrival and throughout the growth and existence of the company.

Before equipment is manufactured, LPS will consult with a packager and potential customer to find the best packaging solution for any given project. In some cases, a company may not quite be ready for packaging equipment. In other cases a packager may not know what level of automation will work best for their needs, and in the case of a new packager, LPS representatives may simply start with information, to let the packager know the many different options available. Once equipment is identified, engineers at LPS will work with packager to give a representation of how the equipment will be laid out on the production floor. The line layout allows companies to ensure they have the necessary space for the equipment desired while also working out utilities and drops necessary when the equipment arrives.

From here, the equipment will be built and tested in preparation for delivery to the packager's location. LPS does not view the delivery of the equipment as the end of the project or the relationship with the packager. With every packaging system manufactured, LPS offers both training and installation of the equipment. For simple machines, training may just consist of a Factory Acceptance Test where the packager can see the machine run and learn the easy to use controls. For more complex systems, LPS technicians may travel to the packager site, install the equipment and spend several hours or more training the operators of the equipment in the set up, operation and maintenance of the entire system.

But even once the install and training are completed, LPS will remain available to the packagers using LPS equipment. LPS stocks a wide range of components that make up spare and replacement parts for all of the equipment manufactured. From motors to pumps to conveyor chain and fill nozzle components, a quick fix or spare part is only a phone call away. LPS technicians are also available during regular business hours for assistance with troubleshooting equipment or for questions regarding operation.

These services that complement the manufacture of the packaging machinery are one of the things that sets LPS equipment apart from other manufacturers. Our goal is to create a relationship with our packagers that brings success to both parties, and manufacturing equipment is only one part of that relationship.