LPS To Take Overflow Filler and Spindle Capper to PACK EXPO 2015

With a little over a month to go before the exhibit floor opens on PACK EXPO 2015 in Las Vegas, LPS has decided on at least two pieces of equipment to display the this years show. Located in Booth 3505 in the Central Hall, LPS will show off two popular pieces of equipment in two different packaging categories. First, the fill-to-a-level, automatic overflow filler will be on display, along with a machine often used in conjunction with the filler, an automatic spindle capper for screw-on type caps.


The automatic overflow filling machine can be used for many different products, but are most popular for liquids that are packaged in clear containers. The reason this machine is popular for clear containers stems from the fact that each bottle filled by the machine will be filled to the same level, even if the interior volume of the bottles may differ slightly. This means each and every bottle will appear to contain the same amount - via the same level - when the product reaches the shelf. Not only does this look good on the shelf, but it actually can foster trust and committment from repeat customers who feel they are getting not only a quality product, but the same amount of product, each time they make a purchase. These machines handle thin to medium viscosity products and can be manufactured as tabletop, semi-automatic or completely automated filling machines.


Automatic spindle capping machines allow for continuous capping on an automated packaging line. In general, the machine will use matched sets of spindle disks to tighten down a screw-type closure as it passes through the processing zone. Three or four sets of disks will typically be used to consistently and reliably cap bottles or other containers. Though different types of closures exist, the screw-on type cap continues to be one of the most popular closures for a number of different products, from beverages to cleaners and chemicals to oil and more. Spindle capping machines, along with cappers for other closure types, are also available in tabletop, semi-automatic and completely automated models.

Though LPS may bring additional equipment to the Las Vegas tradeshow, the overflow filler and spindle capper are definitely making the trip! Remember, LPS also manufactures power conveyor systems, turntables, container cleaning equipment and other custom packaging machines. If there is a specific piece of equipment you would like to see at the Vegas show, or if you'd just like a little more information, contact LPS toll free at 1-888-393-3693!

If you plan to attend PACK EXPO in Las Vegas, be sure to put Booth 3505 onto your agenda and stop by and say hello to LPS! And if you have not yet signed up, give us a shout for your complimentary PACK EXPO pass!