LPS Wraps Up PACK EXPO 2015

The 2015 PACK EXPO show in Las Vegas came to an end last Wednesday afternoon as Liquid Packaging Solutions' representatives packed up equipment and prepared for the trip back to Indiana! This year's PACK EXPO, like every other year, served as a reminder of all the different industries that are involved in the Packaging Industry. With equipment on display, LPS had visitors from around the country, and around the world, looking to prepare a wide range of products for their customers.

To give those who have never been to PACK EXPO some idea of the range of packagers who visit the show, these are a few of the products we discussed with packagers over the first two days:

Brake Fluid                    Fertilizer                    Honey                    Water

Skin Lotions                   Bleach                       Pesticides               Salsa

Epoxy                             BBQ Sacue                Sulfuric Acid           Tattoo Ink

Toothpaste                   Salad Dressing           E-Liquids                Distilled Spirits

Glue                               Paint                           Mouthwash             Marmalade

Ice Tea                            Jelly                           Jam                         Liquid Vitamins

Of course, the packages for all of these products vary as well. From what you might call standard glass and plastic bottles to tubes, boxes, pouches, vials and more, PACK EXPO gives LPS the chance to show off our own versatility. The products above, and so many more, can all be handled by the packaging equipment manufactured by LPS.

From conveyors and turntables to container cleaning equipment, filling machines, capping machines and more, our Packaging Specialists had the opportunity to discuss simple tabletop machinery, single automated machines and complete packaging systems with companies from the United States, all over North and South America and, truly around the globe. So a quick thank you to everyone that stopped by the booth at PACK EXPO 2015. The show allows LPS an annual opportunity to meet and discuss projects with so many different packagers in the span of a few days. The next few weeks will be busy with consultation, information exchange and following up on quote requests!

Of course, for those packagers that did not make it to PACK EXPO this year, or who did not get the chance to visit LPS in Booth 3505, we are always a phone call away for the same services! From tabletop packaging machinery to complete, integrated packaging systems from loading to packing and shipping, we work with all company and production sizes. And our services do not begin and end with the manufacture of the equipment. Consultation and design, manufacturing, integration, installation and service are all performed by the Packaging Specialists at LPS.

To reach LPS to discuss your packaging project, call Toll Free at 1-888-393-3693.