Monoblock Filling and Packaging Option

A majority of the packaging equipment manufactured at Liquid Packaging Solutions Indiana plant works in an inline fashion. For automatic machinery, this means machines are set up in a line, next to each other, typically connected by a power conveyor system. The line does not necessary need to be straight, as the conveyor system itself can be curved, or turntables can be used to re-direct bottles. But an inline packaging system generally moves bottles from one machine to the next down the conveyor to rinse, fill, cap or otherwise package equipment.

In some cases, though, other options may present better solutions than an inline system with a power conveyor. For example, certain containers like tubes and vials are not only smaller than an average container, but they are made with rounded bottoms that make transport down a conveyor line somewhat difficult. In these and similar situations, a monoblock system may present a better option.

Rather than taking containers to one machine at a time, the monoblock system utilizes a starwheel indexing system that can offer several packaging processes in a very small area. The starwheel includes notches that allow the containers to slide in to the starwheel. As the bottle moves around the wheel, it will reach a position where it may be rinsed, another position where it is filled, a third where a cap is received and a fourth where the cap is tightened. Of course, this is only an example, and other combinations of packaging processes may be used on the monoblock system to meet the unique needs of the project at hand.

Though containers such as tubes and vials may still need to use a puck, which would also solve the stability issue for inline packaging, the monoblock obviously takes up a lot less space than an inline system. In addition, the use of the starwheel allows the container to be captured for the entirety, or near entirety, of the packaging process, rather than a catch and release of a small, unstable bottle for each individual machine and process.

While the monoblock system can offer an alternative to inline packaging that makes sense in some situations, there are many different factors that will determine the best solution for any packaging process. For assistance identifying the alternatives and guidance in choosing the best solution for your own project, contact LPS today.